Save Money on Energy Efficient Outdoor Lights

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Last Updated June 22, 2023

You have many options for illuminating your property at night, but energy efficiency is an important feature no matter what type of outdoor lights you choose. Consider some outdoor lighting products designed to make your yard look beautiful and save you money on electricity at the same time.

Efficient Light Bulbs

It was once a common practice to use traditional incandescent bulbs for both indoor and outdoor lighting. However, other more efficient options are pushing incandescent bulbs out of the spotlight. Some of these options include:


Outdoor lights with LED bulbs

At 10 times more efficient than incandescent lights, LEDs are a great outdoor lighting option. You can illuminate quite large areas with bulbs that come with up to 180 individual LEDs encased in a diffuser lens to spread the light in a wide beam. You can also install smaller LED garden lights with bulbs that come with fewer LEDs.


Outdoor light with CFL bulb

Compact fluorescent lights are about four times more efficient than incandescent lights. They can be used outdoors, but they’re less versatile than LEDs. You need to cover or shade CFLs to protect them from the elements. They also may give off lower light levels when the temperature drops. For the best performance, find CFLs labeled for outdoor use.

Metal Halide

Outdoor light with metal halide bulb

Ideal for outdoor lighting situations, metal halide bulbs are three to four times more efficient than incandescent lights. They produce light in a color that feels natural to the eye. Just be aware that metal halide lights have ballasts that require a warm-up period, making them unsuitable for motion control lights that need to turn on immediately.

Energy-Saving Technology

Regardless of the bulbs you choose, you can pair them with technology to help keep outdoor lighting costs down. Your options include:

Light Sensors and Timers

Light sensor on outdoor lights

If you don’t want to remember to turn on your landscape lights every night, be sure to install a light sensor or timer. These work similarly, ensuring your lights are only on when it’s dark outside. Light sensors turn on your fixtures at dusk and turn them back off at dawn. Timers let you more specifically control the hours your lights come on.

Motion Sensors

Outdoor lights with motion sensor

If the purpose of your outdoor lights is to illuminate a tricky path or keep prowlers at bay, then motion sensors are the perfect solution. These turn on automatically when they sense movement and turn back off after a few minutes.

Solar Lighting

Solar light in garden

This outdoor lighting option is incredibly popular because it doesn’t affect your electricity bill and eliminates the need to install wiring. Because of their high efficiency, LEDs are commonly used in solar-powered lights. Most setups come with the following components:

Solar Panel: A small solar panel mounted to a spike is the source of power for solar lights. Mount the panel in a spot that soaks up at least four or five hours of sunlight per day for illumination that lasts all night.

Battery: In order to glow at night from solar energy collected during the day, solar lights come with a small rechargeable battery. This is often built into the solar panel to reduce unsightly components in your yard.

Light Fixtures: Solar lights need weather-tight, UV-stable housings to stand the test of time. Assembly should be minimal so you can simply take the lights out of the box and stick them in the ground next to your garden pathway for effortless landscape lighting.

Landscape Lighting Installation at Your Home or Business

For more tips to save money on energy-efficient residential and commercial outdoor lighting, please contact The Grounds Guys® today to request a free estimate. We can install a variety of outdoor and landscape lights to illuminate your property all year round.