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Blog Posts in February

  • Ice with text: "Is melting ice dangerous?"

    Is Melting Ice Dangerous?

    Some people love winter and the magic of falling snow. Others want nothing more than to torch the white stuff and get back to ...

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  • Flowers and sun with text: "Plan your spring landscape"

    Plan Your Spring Landscape

    Does your backyard feel like wasted space? It doesn’t have to – you just need the right landscape design to suit your needs. Make ...

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  • Fallen tree and snow with text: "The dangers of postponing snow removal"

    The Dangers of Postponing Snow Removal

    In most regions of North America, snowfall is a normal part of winter. Are you the type of person to jump on snow removal, or are ...

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  • Landscape with text: "Save money on energy-efficient outdoor lights"

    Save Money on Energy Efficient Outdoor Lights

    You have many options for illuminating your property at night, but energy efficiency is an important feature no matter what type ...

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