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Keep Your Christmas Tree Alive Longer This Year

According to the National Christmas Tree Association, more than 25 million trees are purchased in the United States. It’s important to preserve the life of your tree for not only the physical appearance, but also to prevent any fire hazards. With the proper maintenance, a healthy Christmas tree can last around six weeks.

Of course, water must be added to the base of the tree, and it’s ideal to add water to the stand immediately. Generally, a Christmas tree will absorb around a quart of water for each inch of the diameter. Keep that in mind when you pick out your tree and set it up in your home.

While shopping, keep an eye out for dead needles – if a large number of needles fall from the branch easily, steer clear of this tree.

Extend Your Tree’s Life

  1. Ensure your tree can absorb water efficiently and cut an inch straight across the bottom before placing in a sturdy stand.
  1. Consistent watering to keep the cut end of the trunk covered will do the job.
  1. Keep your tree away from direct heat sources such as heat ducts, fireplaces, etc. to prevent your tree from drying too soon. A humidifier may help if your home’s air is exceptionally dry.
  1. Check the tree stand at least once and ideally twice a day to maintain an adequate water level.

If you have any other questions regarding proper care for your Christmas tree, don’t hesitate to call our professionals at The Grounds Guys! For any other landscaping or lawn care needs, we are ready to help.

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