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Getting Organized for the Holidays

The holiday season is fast approaching, and while the very thought of all the additional cooking, cleaning, shopping, hosting, and general preparation required, sends chills of fear through some, others thrive on it. Your best chance of surviving the next few months is to keep on top of all those tasks, and knowing who, and when, to ask for help. Read on for some valuable tips on getting organized for the holidays, both in and outside of your home.

Make A List, Check It Twice

Begin your holiday prep with a master to-do list, detailing everything that needs to get done over the coming weeks. If you're tech savvy you may want to do this on your smartphone or home computer, though pen and paper works well too. Classify chores and events to make them easier to manage, including categories such as:

  • Holiday Cards/Newsletters
  • Menu Planning
  • Decorating Indoor/Outdoor
  • Gift List
  • School/Work/Family Events

Once you have your main categories, break them down further in to manageable chunks, making sure to cross each task you accomplish off your list.


One reason so many people are overwhelmed during holiday season, is because they try to do it all themselves. Involving immediate family members in the planning and prep, not only gives them a sense of satisfaction, but helps them realize how much thought and effort you put in to it each year; for larger jobs, or those which require more time, energy, or tools than you have at your disposal, hire a professional.


Before you drag bins full of decorations from the basement, attic or garage, take some time to declutter your living space. Now is a great time to donate, recycle or pass on any items that you don't have room for, or no longer use or enjoy. Once you've cleared your space, apply the same methodology to your holiday decorations, culling items as you unpack them.

Let There Be Light

Nothing is more inviting than holiday lights, both inside and out. With shorter days, and cooler weather for many, the glow of candles, a roaring fire, or twinkling lights add a festive touch indoors, while outdoor holiday lighting adds to the spirit of the neighborhood, and lights the way for friends and family when they come to visit.

Safety First

In areas where the holiday season brings inclement weather such as snow and ice, protecting your property and your guests is a priority. Consider hiring a company that specializes in ice and snow removal and management, to keep your property safe and accessible throughout the holiday season and beyond. For those that live in warmer climates, desiring a touch of holiday color to liven up their homes exterior, or just wishing to winterize their landscaping, The Grounds Guys® offer several packages tailored to your individualized, seasonal requirements.


Getting organized for the holidays is much harder if you allow yourself to become run down, or ill. Make time for yourself throughout the season, and take time to exercise, eat right, and engage in activities that you enjoy. Be mindful not to overschedule your family, selecting those events which are most meaningful, choosing quality over quantity.

For help getting organized this holiday season, call the experts at The Grounds Guys. Our highly experienced team of professionals will have your home in shape in no time, and our free estimates and upfront pricing policy provide you the best value for your hard earned money.