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The Grounds Guys employee with text: "Watering: It's all about timing"

Watering: It’s All About the Timing

As you find ways to cool off this summer, have you ever looked out across the lawn and wondered what the blades of grass are thinking? Probably not, because they don’t actually think! But for grins, one blade may be saying to the other blade, “I sure could use a splash of water on my roots right now!” and the other one is yelling out: “Splash a little of water our way!”

Summer is in full force in most areas so it’s safe to say our lawns and plants may be thirsty… and even struggling to survive in the hot summer heat. To help prevent lawns and plants from fading in the heat, keep them hydrated and flourishing with these summer watering techniques from The Grounds Guys:

  • Set your irrigation system or put out the sprinklers to water your lawn during early morning hours, typically between 6 a.m. and 8 a.m. Watering your lawn in the heat of the day can cause water loss through evaporation and watering it in the evening can result in a lack of water absorption.
  • Avoid watering on windy days, even if the temperatures are mild. Winds can prevent even water distribution… and keep those blades of grass parched.
  • Try pulse watering on sloping lawns. This involves turning the water on for a while, turning if off for a little while to soak in, and then repeating the sequence.
  • Get to know the needs of your region. In general, lawns require one good watering per week. However, if your region has clay soil, less water may be required, and in dry, windy climates, greater amounts of water may be needed.
  • Avoid oversaturating your plants. Too much water can actually cause your lawn and plants to lose nutrients and promote the spread of disease.
  • Mulch! Mulch is a great way to reduce surface runoff and slow the evaporation of the water you apply to your lawn.
  • Check with your city water restrictions before watering. Be sure to water when it’s allowed so your lawn can be hydrated.

So, don’t forget to splash a little water on your lawn! For questions on how to best hydrate your lawn and keep it healthy, give the irrigation experts at The Grounds Guys a call today. Have a fun, safe, and most importantly, cool summer!