Blog Posts in April, 2015

  • How Much Water Do Your Trees Need?

    April 30, 2015
    As towering fixtures in our landscapes, trees are often ignored when it comes to their water needs. Watering trees typically takes a back seat to watering flower beds, but its importance shouldn't be overlooked. Trees are large plants, and they need sufficient water to maintain healthy growth. The Grounds Guys® have seen many tree problems that are a result of drought stress. Unfortunately, ...
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  • Dos and Don'ts of Tree Planting

    April 21, 2015
    There’s nothing like a lush, green canopy to provide shade, invite wildlife and boost your spirits. But before you can enjoy the fruits of your labor, you must ensure the trees you plant today will remain part of your landscape for years to come. Follow these do’s and don’ts of tree planting for the best results. Dos Do choose trees for specific purposes. You may be looking for shade, a sound ...
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  • Exploring the Shapes and Sizes of Trees

    April 15, 2015
    A comprehensive home or business design includes not only the structural architecture and interior design but also the landscape architecture. Trees form the backbone of a well-designed landscape and paint three-dimensional works of art onto a living canvas. Regardless of the size and shape of your property, there's a tree that's a perfect fit. Let the professionals at The Grounds Guys take you on ...
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  • Creative Ways to Reuse Tree Stumps & Branches

    April 9, 2015
    Spring is finally here and that means it’s time to spring-clean your house and yard to make them as beautiful and fresh as possible. For some of you, spring-cleaning projects may have included pruning or cutting down trees. If you find yourself with some old tree branches, stumps or logs, find creative ways to repurpose them and use them to jazz up your landscaping! Here are a few ideas on ...
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  • Understanding Types of Trees

    April 7, 2015
    Caring for the trees in your yard -- or selecting trees for your landscape -- begins with understanding different tree types. Some trees offer shade in the summer and let sunlight in during the winter; other trees have brilliant fall color; and many tree types provide food and shelter that beckon birds to your yard. The Grounds Guys® can give you some pointers to help you handpick the right types ...
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  • Spring Gardens: A Canvas of Color

    April 4, 2015
    Watercolor painting is a great way for people to relax and express their creativity. It is also a way to show appreciation for the beauty around them. Most of us can remember when we gazed on a pretty watercolor of a sunset, flowers, or other scene, and sighed in appreciation. The mix of colors was breathtaking. Well, just like a watercolor artist who creates a colorful painting, gardeners and ...
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  • 10 Friendliest Country Musicians

    April 3, 2015
    The 49th Annual Academy of County Music Awards will be held Sunday, April 6 on CBS. The Grounds Guys®, coming from a Culture of Care, looked into the country music culture and the Culture of Care they bring to their industry. Many country musicians take on charity work as a way of giving back to their communities and loyal fans. The Grounds Guys highlighted some country music stars and the ...
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  • Trees: Putting the Right Tree in the Right Spot

    April 2, 2015
    All of us can relate to hard work. But have you ever stopped to think about how hard trees work every day? Trees are truly one of nature’s true workhorses. They not only work hard to enhance the health and beauty of your property, but they can also help cool homes or office buildings in the summer and fend off strong winds that threaten to damage your property. And they provide you with a nice, ...
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