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  • Sprinkler watering grass

    How Much Water Do Your Trees Need?

    As towering fixtures in our landscapes, trees are often ignored when it comes to their water needs. Watering trees typically takes ...

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  • Woman about to plant a tree

    Dos and Don'ts of Tree Planting

    There’s nothing like a lush, green canopy to provide shade, invite wildlife and boost your spirits. But before you can enjoy the ...

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  • Tree in open field with text: "Exploring the shapes & sizes of trees"

    Exploring the Shapes and Sizes of Trees

    A comprehensive home or business design includes not only the structural architecture and interior design but also the landscape ...

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  • Tree stump with text: "Creative ways to reuse tree stumps & branches"

    Creative Ways to Reuse Tree Stumps & Branches

    Spring is finally here and that means it’s time to spring-clean your house and yard to make them as beautiful and fresh as ...

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