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Stone walkway with text: "Walkway ideas"

Enhanced Curb Appeal

In life, a first impression is everything. So why should your house be any different? When friends, family or guests arrive at your home, the first impression should make a statement. If you’re looking for a creative, inexpensive way to make a statement, try enhancing your walkway with these landscaping projects.

Stepping Stone Path

A stepping stone path is a great way to enhance your walkway because of how easy they are to make and how easily they can be customized. If you’re searching for a one-of-a-kind stepping stone path for your yard, all you need is a few materials. Before you start making your stepping stone path, create a unique design that fits for your family. You can do anything ranging from decorative stones, handprints, or engraved names.

Picture-Perfect Walkway

If your house doesn’t have a walkway, you can easily make one using a picture frame and cement! All you need is a bag of concrete, a collage picture frame and a bucket. Once you’ve plotted out where you want your walkway to be, mix the cement according to directions and then lay your picture frame down in the pathway and pour the concrete in the collage spaces of the picture frame. Before you know it, you’ll have a distinctive walkway that’s sure to impress.

Garden Edging

If you have garden beds that aren’t catching the eye of your guests, try edging them using flagstone, cobblestone or rocks. Flagstone lends a polished, classic look that’s perfect if your house is in the country. It also comes in different shapes, sizes and thickness so you can customize it to contrast with your plants, landscape or the stone on your house. If you’re looking to give your landscape a specific shape, try using cobblestone. Rocks are also great to use for edging because you can mix and match the shapes and colors for a natural garden edge.

Painted Rocks

To give your walkway a new look, paint stones and line them in the grass along the edges of your walkway. Painted rocks will give your walkway a personalized and customized look. Not to mention it will be a great DIY project for everyone in the family to participate in on any weekend. Just think of a color scheme, grab some rocks and paint away. For a different effect, paint your stones with glow in the dark paint and watch your walkway light up at night.

Bring life to your outdoor space with quality landscape designs and pathways! The professionals at The Grounds Guys can provide you with the right solutions to your pathway needs so they enhance your landscape.