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5 Simple Steps to Winterizing Your Yard

With the passing of warm summer days and the chilly days of winter just around the corner, the last thing homeowners are thinking about is caring for their yard. But they should be! Now is the perfect time to prepare your lawn for the cold, dormant days of winter so it will spring to life when warm weather returns.

Winterize Your Yard infographicRemember these five easy steps from The Grounds Guys to make winterizing your lawn simple:

1) Clean it up!

Piles of leaves can suffocate a lawn and prevent it from getting sunlight and water. Remove leaves and debris from your lawn.

2) Don’t prune too much!

Over pruning can cause new growth on plants, resulting in damage from the cold weather. Limit pruning to dead limbs or branches.

3) Change it up!

Adapt our lawn care process to the changing season. As it gets colder, your lawn will need to be mowed and watered less frequently.

4) Fertilize!

Replenish nutrients and prepare your lawn for winter hibernation by fertilizing before the ground freezes. Fertilized lawns are often greener and healthier come spring.

5) Prepare for it!

Insulate and protect plants from frost by adding mulch. Find out which variety of mulch is best for your purpose.

For more lawn care tips on how to keep your property green year-round, give The Grounds Guys experts a call today.