The Grounds Guys

5 Reasons Why The Grounds Guys Are Always Optimistic

By Kellie Pearson

Curious about the constant cheeriness of your neighborhood Grounds Guys®? Never fear – we’ve investigated the motivations of these gentlemen and have this report to share with you about why this is so. Here are five reasons why The Grounds Guys are always optimistic.

Reason #1: The grass is greener on this side.

It’s all about perspective (although it does help that we use the highest quality products to ensure your lawn is in tip-top shape). A grateful attitude goes a long way! Don’t get into the trap of a comparative mindset, looking to who is better at this and who is better at that, because there’s always going to be that type of person, no matter what. The best tactic is to keep your eyes on your task at hand and always focus on your own journey. Everyone’s is different and unique, with good reason, so it doesn’t make sense to compare ourselves to others.

Reason #2: We smile.

The infectious effect of smiling at a neighbor is obvious. Positivity cannot be contained. Plus, by using our smiling muscles (even if we don’t particularly feel smiley at the moment), it triggers our brains to release chemicals to the rest of our bodies and notify them that we are in a good mood.

Reason #3: Our lives are all about sunshine and roses – really, they are!

Spending time in nature is one of the most peaceful, cleansing and nurturing ways to restore the soul – and we get to do it all day long! No doubt about it that the sweet aroma of the flowers and the beauty of numerous gardens have an affirmative effect on us.

Reason #4: We tackle problems head-on.

If we suspect a hard freeze is about to hit or some other disaster is looming, we take immediate action. Having a proactive rather than reactive strategy both in landscaping and life turns out to be much more beneficial.

Reason #5: We get to serve you!

Seeing you happy with a prettier yard makes us happy! And, as stated before, happiness is contagious, and almost impossible to not reciprocate upon. Our customers are what make everything possible. Without you, what would we do?

Celebrate Optimism Month with us! What helps you keep an optimistic mindset? Share with us in the comments below.