The Grounds Guys

Summer Picnic Ideas

A picnic is the perfect answer to summer and early fall evenings. Whether your picnic is spur-of-the-moment sandwiches on the lawn or a well-planned out feast, picnics go hand-in-hand with summer. What’s not to love about being outside, enjoying good company and a plate full of delicious food?

If your outing is for two or 20, you're sure to have a good time by keeping these 10 picnic pointers in mind.

  1. Choose the spot. Backyard, local park, beach or even an inside picnic choosing the right location will help you determine the food and other picnic essentials you should bring along.
  2. Look up the weather in advance. There’s nothing worse than having plans and having to cancel them because of the weather. By checking the weather beforehand you’ll save yourself the trouble of your picnic being rained out.
  3. Consider the time of the day. The time of the day sets the tone of the picnic. It’s another detail to take into account and can also affect where you go and what you pack.
  4. Invite a group of friends or family members a day or two beforehand.
  5. Pick out the food. Whether you want to pack ham and cheese sandwiches, cookies and chips or fried chicken, potato salad, coleslaw, pickles and blueberry pie, the food is one of the best parts of a picnic.
  6. Choosing the right dishes. You want to choose dishes that travel easily, can be made mostly in advance, can be served at room temperature and don’t involve many of sauces. When preparing and packing food, consider who is coming and your location.
  7. Pick out the right blanket. Depending on the location, you’ll need either a picnic blanket or chairs to sit on. You can use large beach towels, old tablecloths, woven mats or quilts.
  8. Organize games and activities. Whether you’re picnicking with co-workers, friends or family, another fun part about a picnic are the games. If you have small children, bubbles, kites, Frisbees or a ring toss are a few kid friendly activities that are easy to transport. If you’re with friends or co-workers, play a game of soccer or flag football, or go on a scavenger hunt!
  9. Don’t forget the essentials. When packing, include utensils, napkins, cups, insect repellant, sunscreen and antibacterial gel.
  10. Plan the cleanup. Plan the end from the beginning by bringing resealable plastic bags, aluminum foil, plastic wrap and trash bags.

The goal of any picnic is to have fun and relax. So no matter where and when you decide to go on a picnic, by following these 10 steps provided by The Grounds Guys, you’ll be able to enjoy the perfect picnic anytime.