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Backyard Retreat

The sound of water is nature’s way of helping you relax. It’s known as tranquil sound and used throughout many avenues to promote relaxation.

One of the hottest trends in landscaping today are water features. Adding ponds, waterfalls and fountains add a pleasing kinetic dimension to landscape designs.

Water features can help turn your landscape into something special by providing a focal point and attracting wildlife, while enhancing your backyard environment. Through the use of water features you can bring sound and movement into landscape spaces, promoting a more tranquil and cooler feeling environment.

The design and style of water features vary. You can choose to install a small, off-the-shelf design or opt for a more customized look with a custom-engineered design that winds through your yard.

Consult with the professionals at The Grounds Guys® to determine what features would work best for your yard. Whether to install a simple pond with floating water lilies, rock sculptures with water streaming down or a cascading water fall down rocks into a swimming pool.

Environmental concerns and wilderness appeal have made water features more popular than ever before. Fountains, ponds and waterfalls can be use to add a dramatic appeal or peaceful serenity to any lawn through creating beauty to stark walls, invite wildlife and provide a tranquil, soothing sound.

Water features can be made of natural or architectural materials. For a simple country feel, use an old fermentation barrel to invoke a sense of tradition and heritage or for a more urban feel use a rocky watercourse that brings a touch of nature and wilderness. Utilize pond plants as food sources for birds and fish, as well as to cover up pumps and other equipment.