The Grounds Guys

Plant the Seeds for a Great Relationship

Tips from The Grounds Guys® for building a great relationship.

WACO, Texas (Feb. 10, 2014) – Green Week is Feb. 10-16, and is a time for action and change. Participate in Green Week by building a great relationship with these tips from The Grounds Guys.

  • Be a good listener
    Hearing what someone is saying is different than listening to what they are saying. Pay attention to what they are talking about and respond. This will let them know you are truly engaged.
  • Be forgiving
    Everyone makes mistakes. If they made an honest mistake, don’t harp on it. Let them know you are upset and move on. You would want the same in return if you made a mistake.
  • Don’t take things personally
    Sometimes things are said that offend the other person. Everyone has quirks that may irritate other people. If something is said about you, figure out if you should take it personal or if it is something you can change for the better.
  • Be honest
    Honesty is a fundamental building block in any relationship. Dishonesty can quickly ruin a relationship. A true relationship is an honest relationship.
  • Appreciate the other person
    Let the other person know they are appreciated for everything they do. If people are not recognized for the good things they do, they may feel they are not noticed or appreciated.