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First Aid for Frostbitten Foliage

Before heading out into the cold, you probably bundle up yourself and your family with a jacket, scarf, gloves, toboggan, and warm shoes and clothes. After all, nobody wants Jack Frost nipping on their nose or freezing their fingers or toes! But what about your outdoor shrubs and plants? Sometimes those once landscape beauties are forgotten and Jack Frost starts nipping at their buds and stems causing potential damage that could impact your beautiful landscape when temperatures warm up.

The Grounds Guys offer property owners, both residential and commercial, the following tips to help revive frostbitten foliage: First Aid for Frostbitten Foliage infographic

Diagnose the Damage

If your plants have droopy and/or discolored leaves, they may have suffered frost damage. White, yellow, brown, or red marks are also a signal damage may have occurred.

Be Patient with the Patient

Wait to take action to repair an injured plant until after the frost is over. Avoid trimming off dead areas as this promotes new growth and can stress the plant even more. Instead, cover the plants with a woven fabric for protection.

Prep for Minor, not Major, Surgery

Once freezing temperatures have passed, check to see if the plant is still alive. To do this, gently scrape your fingernail or a sharp object on the stem and look for green. Only prune off dead or decaying portions of the damaged plant.

Nurse It Back to Health

Treat your plants with gently, loving care to nourish them back to health. Water them regularly and seek the advice of the lawn care experts at The Grounds Guys to help you restore normal growth.

To help prevent your shrubs and plants from falling victim to Jack Frost next winter, let the experts at The Grounds Guys give you tips and suggestions. They can also help you develop a plan to bring your lawn and gardens back to life come spring.

Note: These tips work best on woody or semi-woody plants.