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Evaluate and Plan Next Year's Gardens

The new year is just around the corner, and as you start making your resolutions, don’t forget about adding “grow a beautiful garden in the new year” to your list. And, the time to start planning for your dream garden is now! Here are some great tips for planning next year’s gardens:

When planning your garden, it’s important to pick a prime location. Here are some things to look for when choosing a spot for your garden:

Sunlight: How much sunlight does the area receive? Many plants need lots of sunlight, while others will die if exposed to excess sunlight. Select a spot that offers the type of sunlight needed for what you are growing.

Soil: When growing plants, soil is everything. Make sure your soil is loose, fairly level, fertile, well drained, and deep enough for your plants’ roots. If you have soil lacking necessary nutrients, use fertilizer. For shallow soil, consider doing a raised gardening bed.

Water supply: Every living thing needs water, and plants are no exception. If you live in an area with little rainfall, consider choosing plants that don’t need a lot of water to grow. On the other hand, if your spot is an area that floods every year or will receive excess water from a drainage spout, consider choosing another spot or plant things that grow well with lots of water.

Research the climate of your area and note temperature highs and lows as well as the average amount of rainfall in your area. Select plants that grow well in your area to help insure a successful garden. Area wildlife may enjoy snacking on specific garden plants. Be sure to take this into account when planting, and make sure you are not creating a beautiful buffet for these creatures.

Make a plan of your garden and where you want everything planted. Take into account the space that each plant will need for growing. When planting more than one type of plant in close proximity, make sure they are plants that grow well together. Mapping it out will not only help determine what to grow, but it can also eliminate overspending on unnecessary supplies. For questions, consult a gardening expert at your local garden store or your local The Ground Guys.

Different plants grow best when planted in different times of the year. Be sure to take into account your area’s climate, especially if your area has really harsh winters or really scorching summers.

Now, it’s time to put all your plans to action! Contact the experts at The Grounds Guys to help you make your garden a success in the new year.

Happy gardening!