Decorative Mowing Patterns

Person mowing grass with text: "Decorative mowing tips"

Mowing your lawn is essential to keeping a clean cut and fresh looking yard. If you’re looking to take your mowing to the next level, you can try a few decorative mowing tips that will definitely impress. The most common patterns are stripes, diagonal lines, and checkerboard patterns. They may sound complicated, but decoratively mowing your lawn is not as difficult as it may seem.


The easiest way to create stripes is to cut the grass short and bend rows of grass in opposite directions. The reflection from the bent blades will create the distinctive light and dark pattern. Striped patterns are the simplest and all you need to do is purchase a roller (if your lawn mower doesn’t have one attached already) because it will help you create a more distinct pattern. Begin by mowing the perimeter of your property, and then mow down your lawn in opposite directions.


The checkerboard pattern is more intricate, and looks great on long, flat lawns. To tackle this pattern, start by making stripes and then mow again at a 90 degree angle. For example, if you were mowing north to south then you would mow east to west. To prevent turf damage, take care when turning at the end of each row.


This pattern is simple, especially if you’ve tried the checkerboard pattern on your lawn. It’s similar, mow horizontal or vertical stripes into your lawn, and then mow stripes back over your lawn in a diagonal direction.

Though the idea of lawn striping may seem intimidating, it can be easy with the right tools and a little planning. There are several benefits to mowing stripes into your lawn such as detracting attention from imperfect spots in your yard or accenting certain parts of your property. Lawn striping can also help with fertilization by giving you distinct lines to follow. If done well, the patterns can add a unique look to your lawn that will add to the overall appeal of your home.