The Grounds Guys

Landscape Ideas to Enhance Your Yard

Every neighborhood has "that house." You know the one - picture perfect with immaculate landscaping, off-the-chart curb appeal and an overall ooh-la-la feeling. We all agree that "that house" can ultimately enhance the look and feel of an entire neighborhood, but what if ooh-la-la, picture-perfect landscaping just isn't your style?

Your friends at Grounds Guys® believe that home landscaping can absolutely reflect your personality and style. After all, attractive landscaping doesn't have to require multiple types of shrubbery, abundant flower gardens, and waterfall fountains. We're not at all condoning a metropolitan jungle in your front yard though. As a matter of fact, HGTV has a great list of the top 7 landscaping don'ts that we whole-heartedly support.

What you can do, however, is add a few personal touches to your yard that will enhance your landscaping and show your personality at the same time.

Rocks: Do you like the idea of a rock garden, but find plain ol' ordinary rocks, well...ordinary? Add pizazz to your rock garden with painted rocks. has easy-to-follow tips to add a splash of color to your rocks. It's the sophistication and low-maintenance convenience that comes with a rock garden, just with a twist.

Butterflies: Butterflies just have a way of making things pretty. What's really cool is butterflies not only add a flare of beauty to your yard, but they also pollinate your garden. Butterflies are attracted to bright, fragrant flowers so create a flower garden of marigolds and zinnias. And don't forget to feed the butterflies. has great DIY instructions for making a butterfly feeder for your yard.

Lighting: Remember trying to catch lightning bugs as a child? There's something almost magical about those little fireflies. The same can be said with adding a little lighting accent to your landscape. DIY Network has some wonderful landscape lighting ideas to get you started.

So, as you see, adding a bit of personality can actually enhance your yard and bring out the best in your landscaping. Who knows...your yard may just end up being "that house" in the neighborhood.