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Keeping Your Lawn and Plants Healthy in the Summer Heat

Summer and the hottest temperatures of the year are here, and you may be finding your lawn and garden looking less than their best.

Did you know that giving your dry, dead-looking lawn lots of water, and feeding your droopy plants fertilizer, will actually do more harm than good? These methods can kill your plants rather than save them.

Always remember this tip: The most important key to keeping your lawn and your garden strong and resilient is to water them the right way. Deep, sporadic watering will help plants root and give them what they need to weather the heat and drought, compared to frequent, shallow watering that will encourage roots to grow near the surface, making plants susceptible to heat and drought.

One of the worst things you can do to your lawn or garden is fertilize during a heat wave. The ingredients in fertilizer, mixed with hot temperatures can quickly kill your plants.

Lawn Care

During summer, you have two choices when it comes to maintaining your lawn.

1. Stop watering and allow your lawn to go dormant.

2. Water deeply about twice a week to keep your lawn alive and growing.

Don’t start giving your lawn plenty of water and then miss a watering, or allow the lawn to go dormant and try to bring it back. Once your lawn goes dormant, you must wait until cooler temperatures return in the Fall and bring your lawn back to life.

Flower and Plant Care

Keeping your plants healthy during summer means using lots of mulch and deep, infrequent watering methods. Mulch help keeps moisture from evaporating, so the plant has time to use it. Mulch should be about two to three inches thick in most garden beds. Water early in the morning before the temperature warms up. Early morning watering will ensure that the water will reach the roots and any excess is gone before nightfall.

Container plants should receive frequent watering through the hottest, driest part of summer. Water will evaporate very quickly and must be replenished immediately to keep your plants from giving up.