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When Removing Snow This Winter Be Sure Safety Comes First

WACO, Texas (Dec.16, 2013) – After a heavy winter storm homeowners are left with the job of cleaning up after Mother Nature. The Grounds Guys want to make sure that your snow removal is done with safety in mind.

If you are clearing your driveway or walkway from a winter snowstorm, remember to keep these safety tips from The Grounds Guys in mind:

  • Dress accordingly. When working outside in the cold winter months you’ll want to make sure that you dress in layers.
  • Never lift the snow when removing it from your drive or walk way. The snow should be pushed. You can hurt your back if you lift the snow to remove it.
  • You should never toss snow, especially over your shoulder. You can twist your back when tossing the snow to the side or over your shoulder.
  • If you use electrical equipment such as a snow blower to remove snow, always be aware of where the electrical cord or power source is located.

In some places snow removal from roofs must be performed in order to relieve the stress on the homes structure. When removing snow from rooftops remember these safety tips from The Grounds Guys:

  • Use the correct ladder. If your ladder is too short this will cause you to reach with your body which can cause you to lose your balance and possibly fall.
  • Use a snow rake to pull down large amounts of snow from the roof. By using a snow rake you can stay on the ground while reaching to the snow on your roof.
  • Apply de-icing material to your roof. This will prevent large icicles from forming, which can be dangerous when they fall from your roof.
  • When clearing snow from your roof treat all cables and lines running to and from the house as live and potentially dangerous.

Remember to follow these safety tips from The Grounds Guys for your winter snow removal.

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