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Mulch flower bed and lawn

Spring Cleaning for Lawns

It's time to dust off the dried grass from your work boots and grab your gardening hat to get ready for spring cleaning your lawn. Preparing your lawn for the year isn't nearly as strenuous as giving your home a thorough once-over.

Start your spring shake-down by looking for any straggling snow piles. Spread the snow out into a thin layer so that it disintegrates quickly or shovel it off the lawn entirely. Either way, be careful to avoid driving the tip of your shovel into the soggy soil underneath the pile.

Next, pick up any debris that showed up over the winter, including the "three T's" – toys, trash, and tree branches. Gather it up and get it off your lawn so grass can grow.

Once the big items are picked up off the lawn, it's time to rake up the dead leaves and small twigs. Raking one last time in the spring picks up any leaves you may have missed in the fall. Wet leaves that have been soaking all winter and act as a hotbed of bacterial and fungal activity. Raking also helps to remove some of the thatch buildup in your lawn and spreads out damp, matted grass.