Don't Bug Me

Got Worms?

Sod web worms eat on your grass during the night resulting in brown patches in your lawn. Among the grasses where they are most prevalently found are bluegrass, bent grass, buffalo grass, turf, and zoysia grass. Spray pesticides or sprinkle “solid chemicals” on infected areas to rid them of sod web worms. Consult with your local lawn and garden store for the most effective brand.

Fire Ant Invasion!

Controlling the spread of Fire Ants can be very difficult as thousands can be killed and more will still appear in the coming weeks. When dealing with fire ants, it is important to have constant treatment so that they do not reappear in large quantities. An exterminator can help remove the mounds where these ants reside and kill any ants that may live there. However, chances are the ants will resurface again in the near future and calling in an exterminator every two or three weeks can get expensive. Thus, you may want purchase a product specifically designed to kill Fire Ants at your local home improvement store.


The Japanese beetle can ruin gardens in a matter of weeks if not controlled. They are destructive to grape vines, rose bushes, and many other plants. The best way to control this pest is the use of beetle traps. Japanese Beetles are weak fliers and thus often fall when flying, especially when they make contact with an object. These beetle traps emit a scent that attracts the Japanese Beetles and once these beetles make contact with the trap, they fall into a pit and cannot escape. Pesticides can also be used to control the growth of Japanese beetles.