The Grounds Guys

Refurbish Dull Lawns with Aeration and Dethatching

Lawns suffer from extended daily use. The grass grows a little less green and rainfall drains a little slower. Aerating and dethatching every year or two will have it growing strong and vibrant again.

Aeration involves driving cores or spikes into the ground to bring submerged soil to the surface and introduce fresh air to the lawn. This process helps reduce soil compaction. Aerate in parallel rows across the yard. Then repeat the process moving perpendicular to the original rows.

Dethatch your lawn by raking more deeply and vigorously, or by using a vertical mower. You only want to see soil and blades of grass when you are done. Because dethatching stresses lawns most people will over seed and fertilize immediately afterwards to help ease it back to health.

This process is known to be time consuming. For the most effective lawn aeration and dethatching, contact your local lawn care specialist, such as The Grounds Guys.