The Grounds Guys

Helpful Fertilization Guidelines

Fertilization is a crucial element to a healthy, lush lawn. Every lawn needs nourishment, but how much depends on your grass type and environment. When determining the best fertilization program for your lawn take into consideration some of these simple tips.

  • Many fertilizers on the market today come as a combination, or can be mixed during the same application time with other agents. Fertilizers can often be mixed with weed controls, pest controls, moss controls, dandelion control or other products. If you choose to not mix your products, those products can be applied separately based on your lawns needs. If you’re not sure what your lawn needs or when these should be applied, consult with a lawn care professional, such as The Grounds Guys®.
  • Avoid using nitrogen fertilizers when your lawn is dormant or has not yet greened-up. The growing stimulant provided by nitrogen could end up encouraging weed growth or the growth of other unwanted grasses in your lawn. Always make sure that the nitrogen works for the grass already growing and nothing else.
  • Don’t over fertilize. Ensure the longevity of your fertilizer. Time-released fertilizers slowly release nutrients and can last up to two to eight months. Make sure you provide ample time between fertilization to allow the previous application to perform. Over-fertilization can lead to burning your lawn, causing more damage.
  • Before fertilizing, ensure your lawn is clear of thatch buildup. This buildup can prohibit the fertilizer from reaching the soil and causing it to be suspended on your lawn. Thus causing the possibility of burning your grass leaves.
  • Another way to burn your lawn is by fertilizing during times of drought or excessively dry time of the year. Most fertilizers need a good watering after each application to ensure it is absorbed into the soil. If it is allowed to sit on your lawn without being soaked in it could burn your lawn.
  • Most importantly, remember ever lawn and climate is unique. Your lawn’s needs are unique and if you have questions, consult with a professional.

To maintain a lush lawn year round takes time and dedication. You can maintain it yourself by following these simple guidelines or choose to hire a lawn care company. Remember to use a fertilizer spreader when applying any applications to ensure it is spread evenly and less likely to be thrown onto sidewalks or streets which lead to local waterways, thus preventing any environmental contamination.