The Grounds Guys

Proper Tips to Fall Cleanup

Leaves are changing colors, days are becoming shorter, and the air is turning cooler, signaling the arrival of fall. However, with the arrival of this new season comes a list The Grounds Guys® have compiled that will help to ensure a healthy lawn during the winter and spring months.

  • Rake leaves before it snows because when the leaves become trapped underneath snowfall, dead patches appear in the spring.
  • Use a slow release fertilizer on the lawn to help with the damage done during the hot summer months and to prepare the grass for the cold winter.
  • Weeding in the fall is one of the most valuable things that can be done to prepare the yard for the spring.
  • Remove thatch build up, which is the layer or dead and living stems and roots between the grass and the soil. Thatch build up prevents sunlight, oxygen and moisture from reaching the soil. For small lawns, a small thatching rake can be used. However, larger lawns require a vertical mower. These can be rented from rental equipment centers, but for around the same price, you can call a professional, like The Grounds Guys.
  • Aerate compacted soil. Over time, soil becomes compacted, and it makes it hard for water to get to the roots. At this point, it is time to aerate the lawn. A mechanical core aerator can be rented, but again, you can call a professional, such as The Grounds Guys, for around the same cost.
  • Mow grass to no more than 1/3 of its length.
  • Clean out the garden. Fruits and vegetables can rot in the winter and provide a home for unwanted insects and pests. It is also a good time to rid the area of diseased plants that could infest other parts of the garden.
  • Plant spring bulbs (such as tulips or daffodils). Be cautious about when they are planted, though. Planting them too early could result in blooms before winter, and if they are planted too late, they will not bloom in the spring. “Bulbs have a tendency to bloom best when they are planted right after the first freeze, when nighttime temperatures are between 40 to 50 degrees,” said Ron Madera, The Grounds GuysPresident.

Completing this fall cleanup checklist will save time and energy, and it will help ensure a healthy spring lawn.