The Grounds Guys

Proper Water Guidelines for New Plants

Once new plants are installed, proper watering is especially important, especially during the first full growing season of plants.

Try not to over water as this can cause the plant to die, just as much as under watering. When determining if your plant needs water, use the touch and feel method at first. For best results check four to six inches with your hand, underneath the mulch line to the ball of the plant. Apply water to individual plants by placing the hose at the base or trunk of the plant, allowing water to run at a slow trickle long enough to saturate the entire root zone. If water tends to run off, it may help to move on to another plant and then come back in a few minutes to complete the watering.

After the first year, established plants should be watered every three to four weeks in June through September. Maintaining a three-inch layer of mulch greatly reduces water loss to evaporation.