Maintaining that Groundcover

Ground covers such as English Ivy, Euonymus Coloratus, Vinca (Mrytle) and Pachysandra need special attention in order to flourish and spread.

In order for these tender plants to become established and spread, they must be watered every other day for the first month and then once every week thereafter for the next two months.

If planted in late Spring (after May 15 th) or during the summer, water may be necessary on a daily basis, depending on your region. A rotary sprinkler works best for large ground cover beds.

Care must be taken when watering annual flowers, perennials and ground covers that are next to landscape shrubs. After the first year, ground covers should be watered every two weeks from June through September. Mulch is also recommended to help retain moisture.

For more expert advice, consult with one of our landscape management experts.

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