The Grounds Guys

Light the Way to a Beautiful Property

Regardless of the season or setting, there is always hidden beauty waiting to be discovered in your landscape. The evening hours alone present you with countless opportunities to uncover visually stunning effects of your home or business.

With correctly positioned landscape lights, ripple effects in a pond or base of a waterfall can glamorize a rather unexciting spot in the still of the night. Landscape lighting has been known to accentuate the shapes, textures and structures of your home or business, creating a more appealing outdoor space.

Illuminating private areas around your home or business allow for further enjoyment of decks, sitting areas and recreational spaces to continue long after the sun set. Encourage guests to continue to enjoy your property by adding exterior lighting to your landscape.

Strategically place low-voltage lights to provide low levels of even illumination to increase the safety, security and value of your property. This will allow you to highlight dark areas of your property and deter would be intruders. Low voltage lighting is also an ideal choice for illuminating walkways and entryways to insure guests can safely navigate around your property.

Low-voltage lighting is an economical choice as well. It uses approximately one-third the amount of electricity compared to high-voltage lighting systems and less expensive to install. Not too mention is the low maintenance choice for landscape lighting.

For more landscape lighting ideas consult with the professional team The Grounds Guys®.