The Grounds Guys

Bring the Spring Cleaning Outdoors

Your home’s interior isn’t the only area that needs a little TLC after a long, cold winter! Revive your lawn from its winter hibernation with these simple tips.

When the winter snow begins to melt off, it doesn’t always happen in a nice, uniform fashion. Straggling snow piles can be a problem for the health of your lawn. Having some areas of grass getting sun, and others under the shade of snow can make your yard spotty. A solution to this is to spread the snow out evenly across the whole yard, causing it to melt quickly and more uniform.

Next, pick up any debris that may be in your lawn. Any toys from the kids or dogs, tools from yard work projects, or lawn chairs and tables may impede the sun’s rays causing yellow or even dead spots. Your grass has been covered in a blanket of white all winter; give it a chance to see the sun.

Finally, rake! Raking in the spring picks up any leaves or pine needles that may still be left over from the fall. It also helps remove any thatch buildup, and spreads out damp, matted grass; this enables your lawn to get the most direct sunlight. Don’t forget to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Depending on the condition of the seasons and your lawn, you may want to consult with a lawn care specialist, such as The Grounds Guys®, to spring your lawn back into shape. Call us today at 888-992-4221 to schedule a consultation!