The Grounds Guys

Pet Friendly Ground Cover

We love our pets and our plants, but what do we do when the two don’t get along. Some inventive options for ground cover, that can withstand your pet, are: Happy dog on a lawn

Asparagus Densiflorus Sprengeri grows about 10 inches to 20 inches tall, can be trimmer and can fill an entire portion of a yard if not trimmed back. Asparagus fern is an almost indestructible fern/ground cover that can take full sun, part sun, or shade. Be wary, as it can spread quickly and become the dominant plant.

Myoporum is a great little ground cover that flowers twice a year. This is a drought tolerant ground cover, that can you can trim with a lawnmower.

Society Garlic Tulbaghia Violace is a beach ball shaped low growing shrub. While not a ground cover, it is a natural deterrent for cats. A little Society Garlic and some bark or rocks to fill in the rest and your area will be cat free.