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The Grounds Guys employee working on a sprinkler

A Guide to Buying Sprinklers

Effective watering is crucial to your lawn’s health. First, decide how much water your lawn needs, factoring in the amount of rainfall you receive. Most lawns need an average of an inch of water per week, including rainfall. Your grass may need the most amount of water, while vegetable and flowerbeds need a constant amount of moisture during their growing seasons. An easy way to determine your lawns “watering zones”, where plants with similar needs can benefit from the same type of watering system, is to sketch your lawn.

For permanent layouts, consider an underground piping system to get ample water on zones that need them, or give less priority to zones with tall trees or shrubs. A permanent system is the recommended choice for large lawns and requires little to no supervision on your part, since they come equipped with timers. A landscape professional, such as The Grounds Guys™, can assist you with designing and implementing a permanent watering system for your lawns needs.

Also, take into consideration the type of sprinkler heads you will require. Spray heads are best for soil with sandy or silt-like texture. Also, use these in flat areas that have small shrubs, flowerbeds, and vegetable patches. Rotor heads cover much wider areas, making it perfect for grass and clay soil. For most efficient watering use a combination of both heads.