The Grounds Guys

Retaining Walls and Its Benefits

Retaining Walls can be both decorative and functional. Retaining walls are typically installed to hold back soil and help prevent water from eroding a hillside.

Many people find retaining walls to be a great addition to their landscape as well. If you have a steep hillside, it can be difficult to plant gardens and shrubs going down a grade. A retaining wall is a great way to add additional level planting space to your landscape.

Retaining walls can be built with a variety of materials such as bricks, stone, concrete, timber, steel, plastic, stucco or natural rocks.

Consult with one of our hardscape design professionals to determine the best design and style that will benefit your landscape the most. Whether you seek concave curves, circular design, semi circular, straight lines, curved lines, zig-zag or convex curves, The Grounds Guys can help you achieve the look and style you seek.