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Common Causes of Brown Spots in Lawns

Identifying the cause of brown spots and discoloration in your yard is tough to do online, but The Grounds Guys™ have compiled a list of the most common causes to help get your lawn back to a healthy, green color.

Brown spots will develop on nearly every lawn, and can be one of the greatest annoyances in lawn care. Even though these spots may look similar, each one may be caused by a different factor. Treatments will differ, so it is important to determine what is causing these spots in your lawn. Some of the most common causes of brown spots include:

Animal Waste - Animal waste has large amounts of nitrogen and salts that are bad for your grass. These high levels of nutrients in such a concentrated area kills the grass unless action is taken to dilute the waste. This can be done by pouring water over the area shortly after the waste is deposited.

Improper Clipping Height or Dull Blades - Cutting grass too short can cause shock to the plant. Only cut 1/3 of the grass height at a time. Should your grass be taller than normal when mowing, cut the recommended amount, then go back a few days later to get to the desired height. Dull blades can also be a culprit of discoloration. Ripping and shredding the grass instead of cutting the grass does more damage than good because it dries out the plant much quicker than it would naturally.

Over-Feeding, Over-Watering, and Poor Soil Aeration - Fertilizers high in nitrogen can cause areas of grass to die. When fertilizing, be sure to avoid spills and overlap in the yard. Also, keep in mind yards only need an average of one inch of water per week. Another thing that can help is to have your yard aerated professionally one to two times annually to prevent further brown spots and lawn diseases.

Rocks and Root-Impeding Debris in the Soil - These can prevent vital nutrients from reaching the roots of your grass.

Bug Spray - Bug spray is a common killer of grass in the spring and summer months. When using bug spray, try to do it over cement or rock instead of over the grass in your yard.

Brown spots may also be caused by a pH imbalance, fungi or other diseases. For more solutions and suggestions, it is best to consult with your local lawn care specialist, such as The Grounds Guys™ for more options on diagnosing and treating brown spots.

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