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Top Reasons for Proper Pruning

Pruning is a gardening practice that is frequently misunderstood and incorrectly practiced. All too often gardeners wait until a plant has outgrown its intended space before they decide to prune. Other gardeners incorrectly view pruning as an annual spring ritual that must be done -- sometimes when it is not needed. Here are the four main reasons pruning is necessary to maintain a well-manicured and healthy landscape.

Plant Training Top Reasons for Proper Pruning infographic

For certain trees, some pruning may be necessary to maintain shape or to remove broken, crossing or pest-infected branches. Most trees and shrubs purchased from a nursery will already be properly pruned. If you're unsure, ask your nursery or call a professional such as The Grounds Guys®.

Plant Health

First consider eliminated dead, dying, or diseased growth. Be sure to cut in healthy wood (beyond the point of infection) to avoid spreading disease. Thinning of growing can also be beneficial to allow penetration of light and air through the plant, allowing for even growth.

Plant Flowering or Fruit Quality

The more flowers or fruit a plant produces, the smaller they become. Pruning reduces the amount of wood and diverts energy to the production of larger, though fewer, flowers and/or fruits. Properly timed pruning will increase the production of wood that will bear flowers and new growth.

Plant Growth Restriction

Overtime, trees and shrubs will often grow to sizes that exceed the space allotted for them. Regular pruning is necessary to keep plants in bounds and to maintain a uniform growth rate.

Pruning should be viewed as a regular part of maintenance rather than as a remedial correction of neglected problems. For more pruning tips or a consultation to have your property properly pruned and maintained, call the professionals at The Grounds Guys.