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Lawn Fertilization for Annapolis Homeowners

Just like all living things, your lawn needs time, care, and attention to grow. Part of proper lawn care is making sure it has the right balance of nutrients for optimal growth. That fertilization will help keep it staying green, and make it resilient to hot weather or drought. Healthy-looking turf doesn't just add to your home's aesthetic and property value, but proper fertilization also helps it stay alive for longer.

Our team of professional lawn care experts in Annapolis offers fertilization for your home or garden. Your fertilization job will help your lawn, trees, and flowers stay looking vibrant, healthy, and long-lasting. We use high-quality, controlled-release fertilizer that's made specifically for lawn growth. When you have The Grounds Guys of Annapolis to help you maintain your lawn, you have multiple options to keep your lawn feeling fresh and full of life. You can either use more traditional fertilization - methods for the quickest results, or organic fertilization that's better for the environment and safer for you and your pets.

For high-quality fertilization that will keep your lawn looking good and living long, call us at (866) 880-2563 or schedule an appointment online for a free quote.

Keep Your Lawn Looking Healthy and Strong

Proper fertilization in your lawn care doesn't make your lawn look green and fresh. It also has a lot of added long-term benefits that you don't see - at least not right away. Fertilization in your lawn care maintenance helps the grass on your lawn retain water, and makes them more resistant to weeds and unwanted plants. It also makes them better able to survive during hot or cold weather.

The Grounds Guys of Annapolis use state-of-the-art lawn care fertilization techniques that will keep your lawn looking its best. We also offer fertilization for trees, shrubs, and flowers, and bring out your garden or lawn's fullest and greenest potential.

Call (866) 880-2563 or contact us online for professional fertilization in Annapolis, Maryland which will have your lawn looking better and healthier than ever before.

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