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Drainage & Excavation Services in Muncie

Professional Drainage Solutions to Protect & Preserve Your Home

Is your yard constantly soggy after heavy rainfall? Is your siding or other building material deteriorating because of insufficient drainage? Worry no more! The Grounds Guys of Muncie partners with you to install the right drainage products for your Muncie residential or commercial property.

The drainage and excavation services we offer include:

· Installing French drains

· Running sump pump lines

· Burying downspouts

· Installing perimeter drains

· Installing foundation drains

Sometimes, the best way to improve yard drainage is to bury downspouts. By placing downspouts underground, water is directed away from the foundation of the house and into a drainage system. This can help to prevent damage to your home’s foundation and basement, as well as reduce flooding in the yard. Buried downspouts are less likely to be blocked by debris, making them more effective at redirecting water.

Other times, running sump pump lines can be the right option. Sump pumps are typically used to remove water that has accumulated in a sump pit, but if your drainage needs are more extensive, you may need to run sump pump lines. This involves connecting multiple sump pumps together in order to create a drainage system that can handle a larger volume of water.

Whether your needs require buried downspouts, sump pump lines, or drain installation, with our Muncie lawn care and maintenance experts supporting your property, you get effective, durable, and convenient drainage solutions. We help you design custom drainage systems suited for the size and scope of your landscape and property, guaranteeing full protection from flood damage so that your lawn remains healthy all year.

Drainage Solutions to Enhance Your Yard

The Grounds Guys of Muncie uses only the highest quality drainage products installed by industry-trained and qualified landscaping experts. We can help you replace old drainage systems left behind by the previous property owner or install a brand-new system customized to your specifications, preferences, and budget.

Drainage Excavation

Typically, drain excavation is one of the last defenses against blockages or other problems that impede operation and smooth water flow. We try to avoid digging up drains for repairs unless it’s absolutely necessary. We prefer to flush an existing drainage system using high-pressure water to remove a blockage. However, if the drainage is in poor condition, severely damaged, or needs to be replaced, we opt to excavate.

Drainage Installation

As dedicated landscaping and lawn care professionals in Muncie, we work with you to recommend the right drainage system for your needs.

We offer drain installation for:

· French drains – We install French drains when you need to redirect water away from your property to protect your foundation and prevent lawn flooding. French drain systems are designed to move trapped groundwater away from your home or commercial property.

· Perimeter drains – Homes with below-ground living space should have a perimeter drain to keep water from getting inside. We want a clear channel for the water to drain away from the property, usually 20-30 feet.

· Foundation drains – Basements provide homeowners with extra living and storage space, but they can become a hassle without the proper drainage. We install foundation drains under the basement floor or foundation to prevent basement flooding. Many people assume that a sump pump is sufficient for this reason. Still, having foundation drains can provide extra support if a sump pump malfunctions or fails.

Drainage Maintenance

Every drainage system we install is built to last, but that doesn’t mean occasional maintenance isn’t necessary. We’re relatively hands-off after drainage installation is complete, but we want to ensure your drains continue working effectively to protect the exterior of your home and your loved ones and keep your lawn thriving through every season.

Call (765) 831-5029 for more information about our drainage and excavation services in Muncie orrequest a free estimate to get started today.

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