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Residential Turf Enhancements in Pittsburgh, PA

Increase Your Turf Health With Enhancements

Proper maintenance and lawn enhancements are vital for a beautiful, healthy lawn. The Grounds Guys of Mt. Lebanon offer turf enhancement services in Pittsburgh, PA. We ensure your lawn is healthy with our enhancement services. Our landscaping experts know the best ways to boost different areas of your lawn. We use high-quality products and equipment to enhance your turf. Contact us today to get an estimate on our turf enhancement services.

Grounds Guys artificial turf installation.

Our Turf Enhancement Services

Our landscaping professionals will help your yard look and feel its best. Some of our many turf enhancement services include:

  • Dethatching Lawn – Dethatching breaks up the thick layers of roots and stems that may be entangled on the soil’s surface to ensure moisture can reach your lawn’s roots.
  • Aeration – Aeration involves creating small holes in your soil to help prevent compaction and boost the circulation of water and air.
  • Top Dressing Lawn – Our landscaping team adds a thin layer of topsoil that is stacked with nutrients to help boost the soil content without disturbing your existing turf.

The Importance of Living Soil

One of the most important things to remember about your yard is that great soil is living soil. A single tablespoon of yard soil contains billions of microorganisms. Soil microbes convert debris in your yard into nutrients. If your lawn has poor-quality soil, the top dressing is essential. Top dressing helps restore the balance to your lawn.

Why Should I Worry About Thatch?

Thick thatch on your soil’s surface can cause serious lawn issues. When your thatch is over half an inch thick, your grass roots and soil cannot get adequate nutrients. Too much thatch is a barrier to oxygen, water, and nutrients. Your grass becomes more susceptible to fungal diseases and pest issues. Our dethatching services help break down any thickness of thatch to ensure your soil gets necessary nutrients.

Benefits of Turf Enhancement Services

Our turf services give your yard the boost it needs to stay healthy and lush. Some of the most significant benefits of turf enhancements include the following:

  • Stabilizes Soil – Turf stabilizes soil by binding it together to help stop soil erosion.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing – Lush and healthy yards enhance the look of your lawn and boost your property values.
  • Promotes Health – Healthy grass helps to clean the air and generate oxygen to boost the air’s health.
  • Pollutant Blocker – A healthy lawn helps absorb pollutants like sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide.

Complete Lawn Maintenance Services

The Grounds Guys of Mt. Lebanon is committed to ensuring your lawn is beautiful and healthy. We go beyond turf enhancement services to offer comprehensive landscaping services. Some of our many landscaping and lawn services include:

Lawn & Garden Maintenance – Our professional landscapers do everything for your lawn, from mowing and pruning trees to adding seasonal color and installing sod.

Hardscaping– Hardscaping involves adding stunning pieces to your lawn, including pavers, water features, trellises, and more.

Pest, Weed, & Fertilization – We help eliminate pests and weeds in your yard while fertilizing it for boosted growth.

Snow Removal Services – Our team will remove snow from your property to increase your safety.

Outdoor Lighting – We specialize in choosing the perfect lighting for your property needs.

Irrigation Systems Installation – We can install lawn sprinkler systems or drip irrigation systems to ensure your lawn gets the moisture it needs to thrive.

Turf Enhancement Costs

Our company doesn’t have set costs because we customize our lawn maintenance services to fit the needs of your lawn. We always offer upfront pricing and estimates when we view your yard. Our turf enhancement service costs typically depend on the size of yard, needed services, and the frequency of our visits.

Trust The Grounds Guys of Mt. Lebanon

The Grounds Guys of Mt. Lebanon build a professional relationship with each client to ensure our services exceed expectations. We’re devoted to the health and beauty of your yard. Our landscaping professionals are trained to know the best ways to improve your property. Our lawn maintenance services are tailored to the size and type of lawn. We are here for all your landscaping and lawn care services in Pittsburgh. We back our work with a guarantee. Contact us today to schedule turf enhancement services.

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