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We Install & Maintain Sod for Homeowners

Creating your home’s ideal lawn can take a bit of time and effort. The Grounds Guys of Mt. Lebanon offer professional sod installation services for homes and businesses in Pittsburgh, PA. While some homeowners enjoy the benefits of natural grass, growing your lawn from grass seed tends to be time-consuming and requires a good deal of effort, plus the right weather conditions. Installing sod is the best way to get the beautiful lawn you want now without having to wait. Our professional landscapers have lots of experience nurturing gorgeous and healthy lawns. Learn more about our residential sod installation services, and get in touch with us today to request a job estimate.

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Quality Sod Installed by Experienced Professionals

Sod grass installation should not be a DIY job because it takes more than just a bit of elbow grease. The Grounds Guys of Mt. Lebanon offer full-service sod installation services and provide estimates for your sod installation cost in Pittsburgh. Sod is an investment in your lawn and property, so it makes sense to hire a professional to install it. We are happy to visit your home in the Pittsburgh area and help determine if sod is right for your lawn or yard. Learn more about our professional sod installation process:

  • Removing old grass and weeds from your soil
  • Amending your soil as needed
  • Grading your soil to ensure it is level and drains well
  • Installing your sod using industry best practices
  • Setting up sprinklers or other irrigation systems to ensure your sod gets plenty of water

How You Should Care for Fresh Sod

Once our professional install sod at your property, you will need to follow some standard sod care tips. Fresh sod requires a unique type of maintenance and is not the same as a traditional lawn. Do not be tempted to have a picnic on your new lawn or create perfect lawnmower lines before your sod is ready. Follow these steps to make sure your fresh sod lawn grows to be healthy and attractive:

Week One

  • Do not overwater your sod, but don’t allow it to dry out. The best thing to do is to water the sod three or four times a day. Water your sod for five to ten minutes each time.
  • Avoid watering your sod in the evening. Do your watering before sundown.
  • Do not walk on your new sod for at least two weeks after installation. Foot traffic on new sod is problematic.

Week Two

  • Water your new sod lawn for 30 minutes each day. It’s fine to split the task up into two 15-minute sessions if you prefer.

Week Three & Beyond

  • Once your new sod has been in place for three weeks, it’s okay to begin mowing it. Be sure to keep the lawnmower deck high and avoid mowing more than a third of the length of the grass blades.
  • Once your new sod lawn has been in place for six weeks, you can begin to fertilize it.

Expert Sod Installation & Maintenance Services

We know that not all homeowners are comfortable performing the sod maintenance steps we just mentioned. The good news is that you can leave all of that to our professional lawn care specialists if you prefer. We proudly offer professional lawn maintenance services for homes and businesses in Pennsylvania. Our expert team will ensure your sod gets established and is healthy and beautiful for years to come. We proudly use the highest quality sod in the area. Contact us today to request a job estimate.

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