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The Grounds Guys of Garner has ample experience with local business owners’ landscaping needs. If you own a residential property, you want your outdoor spaces to emulate your personal style and enhance your family and visitors’ enjoyment. Hardscaping is an outstanding landscaping solution to add beauty and functionality with built features like fountains, retaining walls, and stonework. Our team performs residential hardscape installation services for Garner and Clayton, NC businesses to make their outdoor spaces more appealing and comfortable environments. All our clients benefit from what our company offers, including highly trained, professional, uniformed personnel, clean, branded vehicles, timely responses, and extensive industry experience. Instead of trying to make hardscaping a do-it-yourself project, let our business deliver professional results that will last for years.

Residential Hardscape Installation Services in Garner, NC

Hardscaping is a landscaping art, meaning we build an attractive atmosphere with solid features in your landscape design. Softscaping refers to grown aspects, such as flowers, plants, trees, and vegetation. You’ll find hardscape features in most landscapes. An outdoor space might have a single large feature like a fountain or fire pit, or it may incorporate a practical structure like a walkway or stairs. The Grounds Guys of Garner have ample training and experience working appealing hardscape features into landscape designs, including large-scale and small-scale projects. Our exceptional work quality and timely, professional process speak for themselves while respecting your property’s surrounding structures and grounds. The following are some common examples of hardscaping features you might find at homes in North Carolina:

  • Walls or retaining walls
  • Buildings and structures
  • Stepping stones and paver blocks
  • Fireplaces and fire pits
  • Fountains
  • Sidewalks
  • Patios
  • Staircases
  • Pools

We Understand Your Commercial Landscape Goals

The Grounds Guys of Garner care about your personal residential landscaping vision, preferences, and budget when it comes to installing hardscaping features as part of your project. Our team can help you realize your vision and turn it into a tangible fantasy outdoor space by incorporating hardscape designs into your home’s landscape. We have landscaping experts ready to complete your project goals, regardless of what you see when you picture your dream outdoor space. We proudly offer advanced landscape solutions matching our client's unique goals for their residential properties. You can discuss your landscaping design with our team if you own a home and want to enhance and beautify your outdoor spaces and extend your livable space. You can rely on us for prompt arrival as we provide quality workmanship using safe, reliable equipment. We deliver timely status and quality reports to keep you informed throughout your project.

About The Grounds Guys of Garner, A Local Business

Finding a reliable landscaping company with exceptional work quality can be challenging, but The Grounds Guys of Garner are one of the best choices you can make. We know how to care for and enhance your lawn and landscaping with years of landscaping know-how and reliable, state-of-the-art equipment. Our Garner, NC company serves homeowners in various communities with a wide array of residential services. Our business started in 1987 as Sunshine Grounds Care and built our brand on genuine lawn and landscape care, excellent workmanship, and customer satisfaction. In 2010, our company transformed into The Grounds Guys with help from Neighborly. However, we're still a local landscaping service provider, offering custom solutions for residential hardscape projects. You might question if a hardscape installation cost is something fitting your budget and unique landscaping vision. Because of our focus on your goals and ideas, while never compromising work quality, hardscaping design and installation can improve your family and guests’ outdoor enjoyment while increasing your home’s value.

Garner & Clayton, NC’s Local Landscaping Pros

A local landscaping service provider is an invaluable resource to homeowners, and The Grounds Guys of Garner is available to serve you in North Carolina. Our residential hardscape design and installation services are unbeatable, incorporating hardscape structures and features while considering your unique property and our region’s distinctive vegetation and landscape. No two properties are the same, but our local lawn care and landscaping experts understand common similarities in soil, slope, and other factors. With these factors in mind, we apply them to our hardscape and softscape designs. As a business prioritizing our local communities’ home values and beauty, we comprise our team with caring professionals native to the neighborhoods and areas we serve. We live where we work and genuinely care about giving our neighbors and fellow community members their dream outdoor spaces. You can rely on us for residential hardscaping installation services in communities throughout Garner and Clayton.

Contact Us to Schedule Hardscaping Solutions

The Grounds Guys of Garner are ready and willing to work with you to design and install a beautiful and functional outdoor space with our hardscaping installation services. We consider a homeowner’s landscape an extension of their livable space reflecting their personality, so we work hard to complete a landscape with their personal style and design preferences. Our hardscaping experts can help you create and achieve your vision for a beautiful, relaxing landscape while enhancing your commercial space’s beauty, comfort, and value with hardscape features. We always prioritize your interests and apply our in-depth training and experience to achieve the best possible results on every project. Contact us when you decide to enhance your courtyard, gardens, or another outdoor space’s beauty and functionality. We can give you a free estimate, provide professional advice about your next step, and schedule service at your home.

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    “I have used them for over 3 years and they cannot be more dependable and caring about the work they do. Trust these guys to do it right....”

    - Ralph Castanza

    “They do what they say and help anyway they can. I had the worst yard in the world and they made it great. I have used them for over 3 years and can always depend on them to do the right thing.”

    - Ralph Castanza

    “I would advise this company to anyone. They are always on time, very good work, neatness, and. very reasonable rates. Love them.”

    - Eileen Smith

    “Thank you Jon and crew for the wonderful work you did on our yard! Jon came out to give us a quote he was very knowledgable and gave great insight for our yard. Everything turned out exactly how we ...”

    - Cassie and Mike S.

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