Commercial Landscaping in Avon

Maintenance for Lawns and Flower Beds

The Grounds Guys of Avon understands that office workers, landlords and CEOs don’t have time to jump on a lawn mower and take care of the grounds themselves, which is why many businesses request us. We’ll take care of your projects and your maintenance to create an aesthetically pleasing lawn and landscape that impresses visitors and staff alike.

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Why The Grounds Guys of Avon?

We offer more than just lawn and bed maintenance. Lawns and shrubs provide housing for many bugs and other pests, from ants and spiders to crickets and rodents. We offer pest control to get rid of the issue before they cause serious problems.

Our Avon landscaping professionals also offer outdoor lighting equipped with automatic timers. As soon as the sun sets, they activate. When people see your lawn at any time of day or night, it should look visually appealing.

Our advanced irrigation systems also help maintain the quality of your grounds by ensuring the system waters every part of the lawn and minimizes runoff.

Commercial Lawn Care for Every Season!

A high-quality lawn requires a regular mowing schedule, fall and spring cleaning, fertilization, and mulch. Lawn maintenance is a full-time job, and all these facets contribute to clean and lush grass and plants. Grass needs to grow fast and evenly while not overstepping certain bounds—trimmed looks better than long, sidewalks should be edged to stop grass from growing onto the concrete, and grass blades, sticks, and garbage must be cleared regularly.

In addition, conditions for your lawn and landscape change every season. In Spring, the grass flourishes and flowers bloom and need to remain healthy, which is why we do our best to protect your lawn and beds from getting oversaturated by Spring rains. In Summer, the grass needs to be protected from the heat, which is where our irrigation and maintenance services come in. In Fall, the grass prepares for winter bystoring nutrients, but your lawn will require aeration, weed control, and raking of fall leaves in the meantime. And, when winter rolls around, Grounds Guys plans in advance how best to care for and maintain your landscape, protecting it from the cold and clearing any snowfall that might causes injuries to customers and staff.

Commercial Fertilization in Avon

In addition, The Grounds Guys of Avon provides fertilization when your lawn needs it. To thrive, grass needs fertilizer multiple times per year and for most seasons in Avon. Our fertilizer helps maximize the health and lushness of your lawn. While it might seem easy to fertilize your lawn yourself, it can be easy to overdo it. Applying too much fertilizer to lawns can cause the nitrogen and salt levels in the soil to increase, which can damage or even kill your grass and shrubs. For quality fertilization services, it’s essential to let a professional take care of it. The Grounds Guys of Avon is here to help!

Ask Us About Our Commercial Hardscape Design!

Hardscape, or structures built of hard materials like concrete, takes lawns to the next level Hardscaping can make your business a memorable property by emphasizing the natural beauty of your lawn and beds. Our Avon commercial landscapers can build beautiful staircases, fountains, fire pits, and more. You can rest easy knowing

Make your business look beautiful year-round with our Avon landscapers. Call us to talk to us at The Grounds Guys of Avon or request an estimate today!

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