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Quality Lawn Care in Avon Lake, North Ridgeville, Westlake & Beyond

At The Grounds Guys of Avon, we know that quality is important. W e go above and beyond to deliver a quality experience. This ranges from the way we communicate with our customers to the strategies we implement in our grounds care plans.

When you call on our Avon landscaping professionals, you can be confident knowing we go the distance to ensure your residential and commercial property looks beautiful, pristine, and taken care of.

Our crew handles everything from weed control to landscape design to snowplowing. We handle all types of lawn care and snow removal in Avon, Avon Lake, Westlake, North Ridgeville, and the surrounding areas.

Ready to get top-quality landscaping and ground care services? Call (440) 220-5335 to schedule an appointment.

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Putting Customers First in Everything We Do

When it comes to your lawn care, commercial landscaping, and property maintenance, you want a team you can trust to get the job done right. More than that, you want a team that puts you first as the customer in everything they do.

Our core values revolve around C.A.R.E, which means we always put our:

  • CUSTOMERS FIRST, by always having a positive and helpful
  • ATTITUDE, and by treating everyone and everything with
  • RESPECT. By living our code of values we
  • ENJOY LIFE in the process

Our unique approach to caring for our customers makes us stand out in this industry. On top of that, we arrive in clean, branded vehicles, provide regular status and quality reports. We always utilize equipment that is safe and properly maintained.

We're expertly equipped whether we are doing snow and ice management in Avon or lawn bed maintenance in North Ridgeville. You can expect our crews to arrive on time and in professional uniforms, giving you peace of mind and assurance.

How Much Does Lawn Care Service Cost?

Avon lawn care involves more than just mowing. The services we offer can also include aeration, turf maintenance, mulching, and seasonal cleanup. However, the total cost of Avon lawn care depends on three things:

  • Size of your lawn
  • Services needed
  • Number of landscapers needed

For example, mowing alone can range from $32 to $400. More extensive lawns require more time and effort to cover, so a larger lawn of a home or business with more ground to cover will cost more to mow.

We design our lawn care services to be thorough and professional, so your lawn will look fantastic throughout the year.

Looking for lawn care services? Contact our Avon landscaping team about our lawn maintenance plans today by calling (440) 220-5335.

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The Grounds Guys of Avon is here to handle your grounds care with professionalism and attention to detail. We know that our customers can have wide ranging needs when it comes to their properties, which is why we offer comprehensive services to address these needs.

Whether you live in Avon Lake or North Ridgeville, our Avon landscaping professionals are ready to help you maintain your property.

Give our team a call today at (440) 220-5335! We keep your property beautiful.

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The Grounds Guys of Avon

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  • Avon Lake, 
  • North Ridgeville, 
  • Westlake

What Our Customers Have to Say

    “Lynne & Tom S.”

    - Lynne Sexstella

    “Roger and his team did an excellent job at my house. They went above and beyond my expectations. We needed everything because we just completed building our house. Grounds Guys did the lawn, beds, ...”

    - Diane

    “This is my first time using a lawn service. I am very pleased I picked the Ground Guys of Avon. Roger and his crew are just awesome. We have several projects in the works and I am very excited to see ...”

    - Jeanne

    “True to their word and C.A.R.E. does really apply”

    - Danny and Elizabeth Burgess

    “We called roger out to look at our lawn as it seemed like it was dying. He was incredibly professional and suggested this was not anything wrong with the lawn but just lack of water. He recommended ...”

    - Chris P

We Believe in The Value of C.A.R.E.

Customers First • Attitude • Respect • Enjoy life in the process

Our Difference

  • Clean, Branded Vehicles
  • Professional, Uniformed Personnel
  • Timely Response Guarantee
  • Safe, Reliable Equipment Maintained Daily
  • Status and Quality Reports Delivered Timely

Photo Gallery

  • Before and after the mulch had been replaced on a strip in between the house nad the sidewalk
  • Washed and clean brick patio
  • Tidying up a rock and planter area with an evergreen
  • Triangulare parcel of land relandscaped with plants
  • Stone pation, fireppit, and benches on the corner
  • Stone patio with a stone bench
  • Stone Path way with small rocks in between.
  • Rendering og a stone patio and trees and other lanscaping surrounding it
  • Rendering of a landscape job with stone patio, mulc, plants and covering
  • Rendering of a patio and the lanscaping around it
  • Man made creek and bridge under a tree
  • Fire pit with plants in temporary pots arpund the designated area
  • Before and after reseeding an area that used to be a planter area
  • Before and after replanting and cleaning up a planter area near an HVAC unit
  • before and after putting rocks around an above ground pool
  • Before and after pool was partially put under ground
  • Before and after planting flower underneath and inbetween two trees
  • Before and after mulching under a tree
  • Before and after mulch was replaced near corner of house
  • Before and after mulching and pringing a flower bush alive and healthier
  • Before and After mulch was replaced in a planters bed next to house
  • Before and after mulch was placed near house and by basement window
  • Before and after mulch replaced near tree
  • before and after mulch replaced in front of white house and porch
  • before and after making a front yard grass greener and healthier
  • Before and after creating a small brick patio.
  • Before and after cmaking a grass yard healthier
  • Before and after clening up an overgrown yard and making all grass
  • Before and after clearing out a corner of overgrown area next to a garage
  • Before and after cleaningup, mulching, and making plants healthier in the corner between cement and house
  • Before and after cleaning up some mulch and plants on a pathway leading to a front door
  • Before and after cleaning up and mulching planter area near white fence
  • Before and after cleaning up and mulching next to a house
  • Before and after cleaning up and adding mulch to a planter area next to front door
  • Before and after a planter area under a tree was cleared out and mulch put down
  • Before and after mulch was place in planter area
  • Before and after cleaning up an overgrown area of ivy next to a house
  • Before and after cleaning up an overgrown area next to a sasquatch cut out
  • Before and after cleaning up an overgrown area next to a house.
  • Before and after cleaning up a planter area neat a red tree
  • Before and after cleaning up a line of dirt and rock and making a grass yard
  • Before and after cleaning and tidying a curved planter area
  • Before and after an overgron area was cleared out and rocks put into place
  • Before and after adding plants in a planter area in front of a porch
  • Before and after adding mulch and trimming a bush in acircular area near a pathway
  • Before and after adding grass and a planter area to a yard
  • Before and after a yard that was overgrown was clear out that was by patio and shed
  • before and after a planter area by a pathway and home was cleared out and mulch put down
  • Before and after a mulch bed was placed under tree
  • Before and after a bush trim
  • 1 Stone planter with mulch surrounding it
  • 1 pathway to front door with rock bed and plants
  • Before and After an old fence and grass being removed
  • Stone patio and fireplace with a wood cover
  • Slope of stones leading into a creek
  • Before and after a stone patio installation
  • house before and after removing of plants
  • house with herb garden beds
  • 3-d model of a yard
  • house with sprinkler system turned on to front yard
  • grounds guys working on a yard
  • Before and after hardscape backyard
  • Snow plows and grounds guys trucks
  • front yard with nice ground lighting
  • building before and after Christmas light additions
  • house before and after Christmas lights
  • brick patio
  • wooden pergola in backyard area
  • Hedge before and after trimming
  • large yard with green grass
  • before and after reducing vine over growth
  • flower bed after adding more mulch
  • yard half mowed and cleaned other half has leaves
  • before and after removing tree close to house
  • colorful flowers in flower bed
  • Before and after patio cleanup and installation
  • Before and after sod installation in front of home
  • Before and after sod installation and edging around pool
  • Picture of path through multi colored meadow garden
  • Before and after of overgrown area clearing and cleaning
  • Before and after garden clearing and re-mulch
  • Before and after seed and fertilization
  • Unique paved path surrounded by rocks
  • newly landscaped bed
  • Beautiful garden with dark mulch
  • Beautiful, multi-colored plants
  • hedges before and after new mulch install
  • Dark mulched garden area with small plants and bushes
  • flower bed before and after weeding and new mulch
  • Fire pit centered in circular paved area right after patio with table
  • Before and after beautiful backyard patio addition
  • Before and after proper fertilization
  • flower beds before and after new mulch
  • flower bed cleaned off overgrown ivy
  • drainage system in the making
  • drainage system that looks like leaf
  • grass with puddles on water
  • Group of men planting a tree
  • Backyard project in progress
  • Hardscape design with square fireplace
  • Perfect edging along sidewalk path
  • Beautifully designed backyard with dark mulch, stone steps, and multi-colored flowers
  • Freshly mulched garden with small bushes and a tree
  • Fresh mulch in garden with rocks and small staircase
  • Beautiful paved patio leading to small circular firepit
  • Dry bed with river rock turned to river in heavy rain
  • Lawn aeration
  • Before and after mulching in a hard grow area
  • Patio cover built over paved area beside firepit
  • Before and after mulch project with dark mulch
  • Landscape lighting added to outdoor garden area
  • Paved patio with covered firepit
  • Yulan Magnolia Tree
  • Build in exterior grill with patio table on paved patio
  • Garden area clean up, mulch and trim
  • perfectly trimmed bushes and landscape design
  • Water feature addition to garden below tree
  • Ruck lined garden area with dark mulch and pink flowers
  • Beautiful endless Summer Hydrangea
  • lawn after landscaping
  • Juneberry tree at corner of home
  • Rock path surrounded by mulch along home side
  • Summersweet Bush in garden
  • Small square flower bed with multiple colored flowers
  • Rock lined garden with dark mulch in front of light colored home
  • Sweetbay Magnolia Tree
  • Oak Leaf Hydrangea
  • landscape lighting in flowerbed with big rock and tree
  • small tree with pink flowers in flower bed
  • fresh mulch with pine trees
  • planter next to house with pink flowers and light stones
  • before after pavers and trees
  • two landscapers installing sod
  • before after rocks around pool
  • before after tree removal
  • before after tree removal
  • white holiday lights on brick house
  • gardeners working on lawn
  • men installing flowerbed
  • flower bed surrounding patio
  • flower bed next to patio
  • flower bed surrounding gravel with a fireplace
  • house with Christmas lights
  • sprinklers
  • flower bed with stream and tree
  • new brick patio
  • guys trimming trees
  • evergreens in flower bed
  • snow plowing in a parking lot
  • stone steps with woodchips
  • crew hanging holiday lights
  • crew working in the trees
  • digging for drainage
  • crew working in trees
  • flower beds with small sliver of red door
  • flower bed with daylilies and large rocks
  • patio with table and fireplace
  • fire pit
  • grass with mowing lines
  • power washing brick
  • dirt and bushes
  • tan house black shutters with bushes
  • cleaning up lawn
  • lighting on brick house
  • landscaping with bushes
  • landscaping with pink flowers
  • grass with tree
  • fresh flower bed with yellow flowers
  • white house flower bedding with bushes
  • landscape lighting on flowerbed
  • drains in dirt
  • digging hole for drain
  • tan pavers and shrubs
  • pavers and fireplace
  • hardscape fireplace
  • hardscape outside tile
  • landscape lighting
  • two men installing a stone fire pit
  • landscape lighting
  • planter lighting w small trees
  • make with using mini truck and brick placement
  • yellow and red bush
  • collage of flowers
  • orange and red flowers
  • red and yellow flowers
  • 4 pine trees
  • planter with bushes and tree
  • creek with rocks and small bridge
  • pink tree in grass
  • grass with rocks
  • paver patio
  • playground with yellow and green slide
  • n
  • planter and patio
  • fresh flower bed with mulch
  • koi pond
  • purple tree with grass
  • flower garden
  • pergola with flower pots
  • flower bed
  • grass with tree and mulch
  • wood chips with stepping stones
  • fence installed
  • men working on yard
  • flower bed with fresh mulch
  • stock
  • grass lawn
  • front yard with flower beds
  • flowerbed
  • yellow flowers lining walkway
  • flower bed with yellow flowers
  • bushes with walkway
  • bushes with brick home
  • bushes with brick home
  • bushes with brick home
  • bushes with brick home
  • Christmas lights on a house
  • Christmas lights on a house
  • green holiday lighting
  • hioliday lights purple and green
  • white lights house with snow
  • holiday lights
  • green red and white lights
  • white lights
  • lights with snow
  • plants and dirt
  • plants and firepit
  • home yard with stone pathway and stone bench
  • stone and cement staircase
  • chain link fence
  • two people working on chain link fence
  • landscaping design flowerbed
  • landscaping flowerbed and tree install
  • grass lawn and trees
  • man with shovel in dirt lawn
  • wood panels going across grass lawn
  • grass lawn and brick home
  • dirt lot with bushes and trees
  • grass lawn and red bush next to white home
  • stone pathway surrounded by mulch
  • dirt lot with grounds guys truck and tractor
  • trees and two guys working on lift
  • dirt lot with trees and trailer next to home
  • man hosing down driveway
  • dirt backyard with two trees
  • employees working in yard next to white fence
  • trees in back of trailer
  • grass lawn and yellow car
  • brick home and front yard
  • flower bed
  • trench dug out of yard
  • employees digging
  • flower bed and brick wall
  • grass lawn
  • white pipe laying in dug out paths
  • brick patio
  • brick patio
  • wood fence
  • wood fence
  • stone waterfall
  • stone waterfall
  • stone water fall
  • grass lawn
  • Flowerbed with gnomes on wall
  • grass lawn with wood pillars and hanging plants
  • flowerbed with plants and large rock
  • grass lawn with flowerbed and red tree
  • flowerbed with pink flowers next to grass lawn
  • flowerbed and plants hanging from white fence next to grass lawn
  • flowerbed with pink flowers and green bushes
  • flowerbed with cement walkway and bench in the center
  • Brick home with grass lawn
  • Flowerbed next to grass lawn next home
  • brick home with cement walkway and flowerbed on each side
  • graded lawn next cement walkway
  • flowerbed with pink flowers
  • flowerbed next to dirt lot and trees
  • grass lawn next to wood fence
  • 3 employees working next to trees and grass lawn
  • two employees with wheelbarrows in flowerbed with 1 employee next to fence
  • grass lawn with large tree next to home
  • pink flowers next stone bench
  • stone walkway inside of flowerbed
  • flowerbed with pink flowers next to home and grass lawn
  • pink flowers in flowerbed next to white home
  • flowerbed with pink and white flowers next to grass lawn
  • employee in green shirt working on brick flooring
  • stone surface area with stone fireplace
  • flowerbed with large log and pink flowers
  • stone surface area with stone fireplace
  • flowerbed next to grass lawn and white home with blue window frame
  • home planter with tree next to house
  • flower bed full of trees
  • flower bed with yellow flowers next to home
  • flower bed with yellow flowers and trees
  • flower bed with pink flowers and bird house
  • flower bed with large rock and yellow flowers
  • flower bed with yellow and pink flowers
  • grass lawn with employee on a mower
  • brick driveway
  • mulched flowerbed and bush
  • flower bed with large bushes
  • Flowerbed in front of home
  • flower bed
  • flower bed
  • Patio with surrounding bushes
  • patio with table and chairs surrounded by bushes
  • flowerbed with fence
  • flowerbed with stone pathway and trees
  • flowerbed with house
  • New grass lawn, care
  • grass lawn in front of brick home
  • lawn care
  • lawn care at a park
  • home behind grass lawn and planter with American flags
  • flowerbed and planter
  • flower bed and home patio
  • flower bed and patio with American flags
  • row of evergreen trees next to grass lawn
  • brown arbor over cement walkway
  • flower bed next to lawn and house
  • wall of trees
  • lawn care, front of brick house
  • Drainage solution, lawn care
  • Re-draining, lawn care
  • Drainage solution
  • Patio brick reset
  • Landscaping, new greenery added
  • Lawn care, mulch added
  • Refurbish patio with bricks
  • garden with plants and fence
  • Holiday Lighting
  • Multi Colored wrapped trees
  • Blue Holiday Lighting
  • Holiday Lighting on two story house
  • Simple Holiday Lighting
  • Holiday Lighting
  • Blue Colored Holiday Lighting
  • holiday lighting
  • Holiday lighting on two story house
  • purple lighting on house, trees, and bushes
  • bushes and tree with housefront
  • pathway to house with bushes
  • lawn with bushes/flowers and house

Partnerships & Achievements


The Grounds Guys is a Neighborly Company. Lawn care and landscaping are some of the many home maintenance solutions available to you through Neighborly. At Neighborly, we are committed to being there for all your home services needs.