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Stone Mountain Lawn Care Services

Maintenance for Your Lawn & Flower Beds

Sprinkler watering lawnWith above-average rainfall, plenty of sunny days, and pleasant temperatures most of the year, Stone Mountain is ideal for a lush, thriving lawn and flower bed. The Grounds Guys of Stone Mountain can help you make the most of your yard. Our five-star landscapers are horticultural professionals, which means they have the training and knowledge to care for and maintain the plant life on your property. Our Stone Mountain lawn care business is locally owned and operated, so we know the local climate, soil types, and native plants. We can help you determine which flowers and plants will grow best in your garden, and then we can help you keep them healthy and blooming.

Reach out to The Grounds Guys of Stone Mountain at (770) 629-8589 for lawn care you can trust.

Providing Residential & Commercial Lawn Care

We perform a variety of lawn care services in Stone Mountain for both residential and commercial properties. The Grounds Guys of Stone Mountain uses organic lawn care materials, traditional lawn care products, or a mix of both, depending on your preferences and goals. While our organic program is safer for use around kids, pets, and the environment, it can often require a bit of patience. Traditional lawn care chemicals work quickly and are cost-effective, but they can have undesirable effects on the ecosystem and aren’t recommended long-term. Often, a hybrid program of both organic and traditional lawn care methods will deliver optimal results.

Trust our specialists for lawn maintenance services such as:

  • Mowing
  • Weed control
  • Lawn edging
  • Leaf clearing
  • Reseeding
  • Aeration
  • Sod installation
  • Fertilization

Our team can also perform tree work, including tree trimming, tree removal, and more.

Artificial Turf

If you have artificial turf, The Grounds Guys of Stone Mountain can provide maintenance for that, as well. Artificial grass comes with the benefit of less required maintenance, but that doesn’t mean it’s maintenance-free. Taking care of your artificial turn can help it last its full lifespan—generally 15 to 25 years. Our lawn care specialists can help you rinse and brush your synthetic turf to clear it of dirt, leaves, and other debris. Most spills or stains are easily removed, especially if you address them right away, but if you encounter any particular stubborn substances, give us a call for professional care.

Flower Bed Maintenance

Gardens and flower beds add color and beauty to a yard, and can even yield some produce for your dinner table, but they require a significant amount of work. Our horticulture specialists in Stone Mountain are happy to lend a helping hand—or a green thumb! Because we’re knowledgeable about the local climate and growing seasons, we can give your flower bed the proper care and maintenance it needs. Some of the flower bed maintenance services we provide include:

  • Pruning – By strategically trimming away dead leaves or stems and any areas of disease, pruning encourages healthy growth of plants and flowers and gives your garden a manicured look.
  • Weed control – Weeding a garden can be tedious but essential to discourage invasive plant species from taking over and stealing vital water and nutrients from the flowers and shrubs you actually want in your flower bed.
  • Mulching – When mulch is layered onto the surface of the soil in your garden, it can help conserve moisture, discourage weed growth, and introduce fresh nutrients like nitrogen into the flower bed. Mulch usually consists of organic matter such as grass clippings, leaves, tree bark, or other plant scraps.
  • Pest control – Common garden pests like aphids and lady beetles can ruin flowers and plants if not dealt with. Our horticulture experts can suggest the best course of action. For bigger pests like deer and rabbits, we can also recommend plants that aren’t as attractive to them.
  • Fertilization – Keep your flowers and plants healthy by making sure the soil is packed with plenty of fresh nutrients. We have organic, traditional, and hybrid options.

Seasonal Care & Maintenance

The Grounds Guys of Stone Mountain can keep your yard looking beautiful all year long. No matter the season, we have services to care for and maintain your lawn and garden. Though it rarely freezes in Stone Mountain, grass can go dormant when temps fall to the low 40s, so we can help you prepare your yard or transition you to cool-season grasses instead. We also offer:

Spring cleanup – As temperatures begin to climb back up, plants, flowers, and grass bloom and thrive. We can help clear away any debris leftover from the winter season, add or replace mulch in your flower bed, prune trees and shrubs, and more. Spring is also an ideal time to plant many varieties of flowers and grasses. Our horticulture specialists can assist with choosing what and where to plant and help with the planting itself.

  • Fall cleanup – After summer’s heat, the cooler temps of autumn signal the leaves to change color and start to fall. The fall is also the wettest season in Stone Mountain, so it’s essential to make sure your lawn and flower bed are draining correctly. Our team can clean up the debris from fallen leaves, flowers at the end of their lifecycle, and other detritus in your yard, plus make sure your perennial plants, flowers, and grass are adequately winterized and ready for colder weather.
  • Seasonal color – Our lawn care specialists know how to keep your residential or commercial lawn vibrant year-round. We can recommend, plant, and care for plants specific to each season. For example, planting ornamental cabbage, kale, viola, and pansies in the winter adds color when other flowers or shrubs lose their leaves, and planting colorful summer flowers adds brightness for either sunny or shaded areas.

Choose The Grounds Guys of Stone Mountain

When you want your lawn and flower bed to look their best, give us a call. We have the experience you need with customer-centered service. Because we work so closely with the environment, sustainability is important to us! You can count on us to use low-emission fuels, go paperless with email invoicing and, and focus on water conservation as much as possible.

Reach out to us today for lawn care and plant bed maintenance in Stone Mountain. Call (770) 629-8589 to schedule a service or request an estimate!

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