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Stone Mountain Landscaping Services

Remake Your Property with Our Services

Stone Mountain, GADo you want to make an amazing first impression on your friends, family, guests, or customers? Your property needs to look its best!

With The Grounds Guys of Stone Mountain, you can revitalize and transform your residential or commercial property with our expert landscaping and hardscaping services. Tell us what you would like to see done, and we can tell you how quickly we can complete it. Thanks to our highly trained staff and industry-leading equipment, we can complete many of our services in just one visit, quickly improving the look of your lawn.

Dial (770) 629-8589 today to schedule your next landscaping service in Stone Mountain or to request a FREE estimate!

Hardscaping Creates a Brand-New Look

Not every element of your lawn or property needs to be a natural accent or piece Hardscaping in Progressof greenery. Hardscaping integrates humanmade components throughout your property to improve its appearance and functionality. Talk to our team about adding a paved patio, walkway, steps or stairs, retaining walls, and other brick, concrete, or woodwork elements to your property.

You can also talk to us about adding fountains and other beautifying pieces to your property. Homebuyers will be willing to pay more for your property if the backyard and front yard look appealing, and few things can heighten the appeal of a yard faster and better than a decorative fountain, pond, etc.

Proper Lawn Care Makes All the Difference

Stone Mountain is one of the rainier regions of Georgia, getting predictable downpours throughout the year. While a storm can be quite pleasant for a relaxing day inside, it can spell trouble for your lawn and landscape. To give your lawn the best chance of surviving whatever the weather throws your way, arrange for routine lawn care from The Grounds Guys of Stone Mountain.

We can improve and treat your lawn with the following services and more:

  • Lawn maintenance
  • Flower bed maintenance
  • Pruning
  • Yard cleanup
  • Spring cleanup
  • Weed control
  • Fertilization

Our Stone Mountain lawn care services are available for both residential and commercial properties. Whether your home needs some professional lawn care or your business is feeling bleak because of a lawn that has seen better days, you can count on us to swing by and find a solution.

Lawn Care Mistakes To Avoid

Landscaping is not as simple as you might believe it to be. Professional landscaping services that make a substantial, positive difference for your property require in-depth industry knowledge and care that has been customized depending on the health, size, and typical climate of your property. Inexperienced landscapers will not consider all of these factors and may end up causing more harm than good when they visit your property.

Commonly made landscaping mistakes include:

If you want to avoid landscaping mistakes that can ruin your property, then you will want to work with The Grounds Guys of Stone Mountain and no one else. We are trusted throughout the region due to our experience, dedication to excellence, and praised reputation among our customers.

The Importance of Good Landscaping

The landscape around your home or business should always look its best, not just for its own sake but also for yours. When you have a well-maintained property, you feel happier whenever you step outside. Say goodbye to the days where you head to work, and your mood worsens at the sight of an unhealthy lawn and landscape. Say hello to better, brighter days with our residential landscaping services for homes throughout Stone Mountain.

The exterior of your business or commercial property needs to also be outstanding in appearance if you want to get the most you can out of it. Customers, clients, and tenants that approach your property will start to judge you and your business subconsciously depending on how the outside landscape and hardscape looks. If your commercial property is looking its best all the time thanks to our services, then you can make the right first impression.

Landscaping & Lawn Care FAQs

What landscaping zone am I in?

As a resident in Stone Mountain, GA, your landscaping or growing zone is zone 8. The United States is divided into 11 zones by the U.S. Department of Agriculture based on weather patterns.

How much should landscaping cost?

Landscaping can cost anywhere from $195 to $1,320 or more, depending on the size of your yard, the amount of work you need done, and how many Grounds Guys it will take to complete the landscaping in a reasonable amount of time.

Do you offer mosquito control?

The Grounds Guys of Stone Mountain offers weed and pest control services. We know mosquito season in Georgia can last from March to October, and keeping your landscape clean and well-maintained is one of the best ways to discourage mosquito infestations in your yard.

When should you schedule landscaping services?

Landscaping and hardscaping maintenance are full-time jobs if you want them done right and value the appearance of your property. For most of our customers in Stone Mountain, we recommend scheduling service at least once a week to account for basic landscaping necessities. If your property is more extensive or has numerous trees and shrubs around it, then a twice-a-week schedule could make more sense.

We want to give you the right landscaping services based on your property and your budget. You can customize our services to your liking, using our recommendations as a guideline.

Landscaping for Every Season

Fall in GeorgiaWhen the seasons change in Stone Mountain, Georgia, your landscaping services should change with them. As a locally owned and operated landscaping business, we know how to adjust our landscaping services to match the demands of each season, ensuring that your commercial or residential property will keep looking and feeling its best from January to December.

Give us a call if you need seasonal landscaping services, such as:

  • Spring cleaning: The springtime is the perfect time to ramp up landscaping and hardscaping efforts. Welcome the bright season with a radiant lawn.
  • Summer upkeep: When the sun is shining in the summer, it can spell trouble for your property. We know how to protect your lawn from the worst a Georgia summer heatwave can do.
  • Fall cleaning: With a rake in one hand and a recyclable bag in the other, our Stone Mountain landscapers are ready to care for your landscape during the fall.
  • Winter maintenance: While the winters in Georgia can be comparatively mild to other regions in the country, the season still brings unique changes that need to be considered when caring for your lawn.

Bring Out the Best in Your Landscape

Leave all the landscaping and hardscaping services your property needs to look amazing to The Grounds Guys of Stone Mountain. Taking care of lawns and making customers happy are our passions, and that shows in everything we do. Why would you trust the care of your property to anyone who felt differently?

Put trusted industry pros in charge of your landscaping. Call (770) 629-8589 now.

The Grounds Guys employees performing lawn work
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