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Don't talk to other individuals when you need dependable and superior commercial and residential landscaping in Avondale Estates; call The Grounds Guys of Stone Mountain instead!

Our knowledgeable landscapers have a reputation for being dependable and effective managers. Residents and business owners can expect exceptional customer service from us. We can handle whatever landscaping project you throw at us, from grass fertilization to enhancing turf health.

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Why Choose Us for Lawn Care & Landscaping in Avondale Estates?

Two Grounds Guys crew maintaining a residential lawn.Caring for your lawn or executing the perfect landscape project is one thing.

Caring for your yard and you is another. Our goal is to provide a world-class experience.

At The Grounds Guys of Stone Mountain:

  • We Warranty Our Services. For your peace of mind, we warranty our lawn and landscaping services. As per our Neighborly Done Right Promise™,
  • We're Committed to Our "C.A.R.E" Values. We put you, our customer, first. We have a positive attitude and we respect you. And we enjoy what we do.
  • We Care for the Environment. We proudly use eco-friendly solutions and run on low-emission fuels.
  • We Offer Up-front Pricing. All lawn care and landscaping pricing is discussed with you up-front. No hidden fees, no exceptions.

With The Grounds Guys of Stone Mountain, you can count on us to create a custom lawn and landscape plan for your exact needs. Visit our lawn care pricing page for more information.

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Why Is Regular Landscaping Important?

A first impression counts for a lot. You want your property's landscaping to appropriately represent your standards and personality to visitors. When your property falls short in any of those areas, it's time to hire the Avondale Estates landscaping professionals to make some adjustments.

Beyond a first impression, a quality landscaping design can:

  • Improve your mood,
  • Increase property value, and
  • Attract new customers to your business.

Additionally, it can aid in enhancing outdoor air quality by removing dust and other pollutants from the air and boosting the amount of oxygen in the atmosphere, making it a little easier for everyone to breathe.

Lawn & Bed Maintenance

A two-story home with a lush, green landscape and lawn.The maintenance of a lovely front or back lawn or the use of seasonal colors for a business property are both examples of excellent landscaping.

No matter what your particular requirements are, maintaining your landscape takes time and work to prevent grass and other flora from getting out of control. Neglected landscaping promotes weed development, which can draw rodents like mice and gophers into your lawn and flower beds.

Our professional landscaping team is ready to do all the heavy lifting for you to maintain your lawn care in Avondale Estates.

Have any questions or want a free estimate? Book your appointment with us online today. We look forward to serving you!

Lawn Fertilization Services in Avondale Estates

While fertilizer adds the essential elements your grass needs to develop, watering helps to feed it. Unfortunately, a lot of property owners skip this step because they think their normal watering is sufficient.

For continued turf health, we advise employing our lawn fertilization services, which include routine lawn fertilization. Utilizing our lawn care professionals in Avondale Estates for lawn fertilization guarantees that the proper product is being used for the best outcomes.

It's not really as simple as it seems, after all. Your grass may suffer if you accidentally use the incorrect fertilizer or apply too much fertilizer.

Effective lawn fertilizer also include weed control, flower and plant bed upkeep, and maintenance. To keep your grass free of weeds and other pests, our crew can offer fertilizer and mulching services.

Seasonal Services

The purpose of expert landscaping is to alter with the seasons. A healthy lawn in the winter doesn't always result from what you do in the spring. Our team is familiar with the weather in Avondale Estates and is prepared to act right away to safeguard your yard from the sweltering heat of the summer and the freezing temperatures of the winter.

We can handle all of the following seasonal landscaping activities year-round:

  • Pruning: The general health of your plants and shrubs depends on regular pruning, which also keeps them tidy and structurally sound. Additionally, it lessens the likelihood of sickness.
  • Spring clean-up: A thorough yard clean-up in the spring will help revive your yard's appearance and give it the best chance to thrive. Removing debris, getting your grass mowed, re-seeding, aerating, and re-edging your lawn, as well as redesigning your garden and flower beds, are some spring cleaning tasks.
  • Fall clean-up: Fallen leaves and out-of-control weeds can give your lawn an untidy appearance and prevent water and sunlight from reaching your grass and flower beds. As a result, it might not get the nutrients it needs to keep healthy. Make raking, weeding, and mulching your yard a habit when the leaves begin to fall.
  • Mulching: By using mulch, you can maintain a consistent, moderate temperature in your flower beds while also supplying vital soil nutrients. To support soil health, our landscapers at The Grounds Guys of Stone Mountain have mulch in both organic and inorganic forms.
  • Seasonal color: Various seasons of the year are optimum for particular plants' growth. Our team of horticulturists can plan your landscape around multi-seasonal flowers and annuals if you want your home or business' landscaping to look stunning with blooming, vibrant blooms.
  • Turf maintenance: By providing lawn care packages designed to keep your grass healthy and looking its best all year long, our team devotes time and effort to maintaining lawns around Avondale Estates.
  • Irrigation repair: Turf health includes making sure your landscape doesn't get too much or too little water. You can be wasting water and harming your grass and flower beds when your irrigation system isn't working properly.
  • Gutter cleaning: Gutter cleaning may be a major inconvenience. Not only does it take a long time, but if you don't have the right tools, it might even be harmful. Thankfully, our team has the time and resources to handle this tiresome chore for you.

To get started today, book your appointment with us online to request an estimate!

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