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Proper drainage for your lawn and landscape isn’t only about preventing annoying puddles in your yard. It also means protecting your property from the long-term threats of deterioration that excess water poses on and around hard surfaces, building foundations, and other outdoor features.

At The Grounds Guys of Lake Charles, we offer drainage services for you—a valued Lake Charles home or business owner—to help avoid soggy grass, mold growth, damaged plumbing, foundation issues, wet walkways, and more.

Our Lake Charles landscape experts can help install, maintain, and repair the following drainage systems:

  • French drains – This type of perforated drainage system helps move water from your lawn’s surface to gravel-filled basins in the ground where it can then drain into the soil.
  • In-ground drainage plumbing – You can protect your home and lawn with a congruent network of catch basins and drainpipes that collects water from the surface and gutters and utilizes gravity to move water away from your property.
  • Outdoor sump pump pit – When site conditions are not conducive to using gravity alone, we will install an outdoor sump pump pit. The heavy-duty pump will then move water from anywhere on your property out to the street or ditch.
  • Rain gardens – In certain situations, our team can design and install a rain garden for a natural and aesthetically pleasing drainage solution. Rain gardens are a hybrid approach which creates short-term capacity to store rainwater in a landscaping feature and then allow it to drain into the soil.

We assess your property and help you choose the best option for the size and scope of your drainage issues. We love partnering with the Lake Charles community to provide services that help you avoid standing water and severe yard damage.

Drainage Maintenance Support

You can’t afford to have excess water flood your yard, and that’s why we offer various drainage options that are built to last. While our solutions can stand the test of time, that doesn’t mean annual maintenance is unnecessary. You can rely on our licensed and qualified landscaping specialists to look closely at your lawn and recommend drainage alternatives. You deserve to have a drainage system that works effectively and efficiently for years and protects the exterior of your home.

Keep your lawn thriving through every season with cost-effective drainage services from The Grounds Guys of Lake Charles. Call (337) 242-3903 to request your free estimate today!

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