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  • “This is truly a neighborly service as they claim. Daniel’s communication, attention to detail and overall customer service is impeccable. This company is run in a way that reminds us of old school manners and values.”

    Claudia Ruggiero , Armonk, NY

  • “If you're looking for a home drainage and stone masonry expert who is knowledgeable, skilled, efficient, responsive and customer friendly, Daniel Sadler is your man, and his team is your vehicle for translating vision into high quality, concrete reality. Daniel has a deep and wide ranging understanding of what causes problems in the ground and stonework around your property, based on many years of experience working at homes of various sizes, ages and conditions. He proposes practical solutions rooted in common sense, that address your aesthetic and financial concerns, and won't kill your budget. Daniel is creative and skilled enough to create a customized plan for you, and to adapt "the plan" to changing needs that often arise once work begins on a project, without skyrocketing the cost of the work. He is uncommonly respectful of his customers' wishes and needs, and explains as much as you want to know in clear, honest terms. No false promises. Obviously Daniel is able to deliver on his promises because he is on site frequently throughout your project, responds to every question and request that you pose, only hires very hard working and experienced workers, buys all the materials for your project himself, and manages tight deadlines extremely efficiently. Daniel and his Grounds Guys began with us on what appeared to be an underground drainage problem which was causing efflorescence on our garage floor. He supervised an underground camera examination of the ground in front of and above the garage. From this examination, Daniel concluded that in order to block water from seeping down under our garage floor, we needed a critical downspout above the garage to be connected to an existing French drain in the ground, a new pipe connecting the French drain pipe to the drainage pipe under the driveway, and a much heavier duty drainage pipe under the driveway to move excess water to the back lawn. Realizing that this re-routing of water from the front of our house to the back yard could cause a terrible pool of water in our backyard, Daniel then added an extension of this drainage system into our back woods. All of this required extremely hard labor and astute positioning of the new longer piping, at times in the middle of very heavy rain. We have rock in our back lawn and woods which is very close to the surface of the grass, so his workers really had to use brute force with hand tools to get the new drainage pipe into the ground. Daniel and his team were undaunted in their determination to fix our drainage problem and fix it right, without causing damage to our property. Daniel's stonemason added a mosaic stone cap to our driveway retainer wall and repaired some cracks in the wall. He and several other workers crafted the cap carefully and securely, and repaired the cracks with cement to match the existing color, so that it almost looks like everything new has been part of the wall forever. The stonemason also repaired a wobbly step from our driveway to the backyard, and secured some other loose stones around our property. In short, I'd hire Daniel and his Grounds Guys again in a minute. They diagnose, communicate, repair, create, and clean up like a 5 star company.”

    Terry Toll , Larchmont, NY

  • “The flagstone decking and brick trim around my inground pool had settled very poorly. Daniel and his company , The Ground Guys of Armonk and Greenwich, leveled all the flagstones and bricks around the pool and when he was finished , power washed the entire deck. There was one section of the deck where two of the pool's coping stones were uneven. Daniel recut several of the flagstones so that the coping stones and flagstones now fit together perfectly. I would highly recommend Daniel, and will use him for future projects.”

    Charles B. , Scarsdale, NY