Flower Bed Maintenance Service in Houston

Flower Bed Maintenance Service in Houston

Looking for a Good Gardener in Houston?

When you think about lawn care services in Houston, this may also include gardening services! Whether you’re looking to install and maintain a new flower bed or looking to revitalize your current one, we can help!

flower bed curving around curb and grassAt The Grounds Guys of Memorial Park, we provide flower bed maintenance services near you in Houston and surrounding areas. Let us help you increase your overall curb appeal and help you achieve the goals you have for your lawn. Whether you own a business or home in Houston, our professional experts are dedicated to creating a landscaping solution for you!

From initial design to installation to routine services, our locally owned and operated team in Houston will take the time to learn about your lawn’s unique goals and develop an all-in-one solution for you and your property! Saving you time from maintaining your flower bed yourself.

Working with Houston Climate

When designing a flower bed for your property, it’s essential to consider your seasonal climate. Regarding the environment in Houston, you must remember that the summer climate can be harsh on unexpecting plants. In fact, during July it can get up to 93 degrees.

Fortunate enough, the colder months in Houston aren’t as damaging to your plant life. Coming in at 43 degrees, January’s winter low can bring light frost. It’s vital to ensure your plants can handle the cold weather, although below freezing temperatures are a rarity. The climate info, in addition to the gardening zone you are in, should always be considered when designing your dream flower bed – or any type of garden for that matter.

What Gardening Zone am I in?

The USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map is the standard measurement gardeners and growers use to determine what plants can thrive at a specific location. Additionally, the zone gives you precise and detailed information regarding some of the challenges people may experience in terms of planting gardens. Houston is in garden zone 9.

Since Houston is in zone 9, this means that many plants can thrive when planted in a bed. Fortunately, zone 9 is a year-round planting zone. While summer presents a challenge for some vegetables that can’t stand the heat, you can get away with planting a variety of different types of plants.

When it comes to adding plants like flowers to your flower bed, it’s essential to pick ones that can grow and thrive in zone 9. Some zone 9 flowers that can thrive during the summer include passionflower vine, butterfly pea, spider lily, columbine, and other varieties of blanket flowers. In general, some of the flowers that can thrive year-round in Houston include strawflowers, cypress vines, firecracker plants, bacopa, and alyssum flowers.

When it comes to experiencing cooler weather in Houston, zone 9 is unique since the timeframe between first and last frosts can be less than one to two weeks in January. In general, zone 9 has a long growing season that is considered year-round. Using plant guides will ensure you only choose plants that will thrive in your region.

Fall Flower Bed Maintenance

flowers in a mulch bedOf course, as it comes with any type of lawn, routine maintenance is needed. Maintenance includes more than your occasional weed pulling and mowing. At The Grounds Guys of Memorial Park , we offer regular flower bed maintenance designed to keep your flower bed looking its absolute best.

From planting new additions in your flower bed to edging with extreme precision and care, our lawn care experts will perform a variety of maintenance services for your lawn and flower bed. From weed control and raking to soil cultivation and edge definition, we do everything necessary to keep your garden bed looking beautiful. View some of our work in our photo gallery.

When you need reliable and trustworthy garden care, be sure to call The Grounds Guys. We offer free estimates and up-front pricing, and we always arrive on time, ready to perfect your lawn!

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