Mosquito Control Strategies for Your Falls Church Lawn

mosquito cartoon with red circle and slash through it

Now that it’s officially summer, free time fills up quickly in Falls Church with plans for concerts in the park, music festivals, outdoor movies, and Farm Day. When you’re home it’s time for bonfires, swimming, and entertaining friends. Essentially, anything that gets you outdoors enjoying the sunshine and fresh air.

The last thing you need is to cut that fun time short because of relentless, potentially dangerous, mosquitoes.

Though our bodies give off the smell of carbon dioxide and citric acid which attracts mosquitoes to us like moths to a lamp, there are a few things these tiny bloodsuckers simply cannot stand. And that includes certain other scents. So, to help avoid bringing mosquitoes toward you when you’re outdoors, you can mask (or cover) your natural scent with:

  • Citronella – You can often find several citronella products in stores, especially as the weather gets warmer.
  • Lemongrass – Lemongrass is the basis of what citronella is made with, so it works the same way, only stronger.
  • Cedar – The oil in cedar is what deters mosquitoes. And as a bonus, many other pests also dislike the scent of cedar.
  • Garlic – With such a strong smell, garlic changes the scent our bodies give off (if enough is eaten).
  • Peppermint – Like cedar, peppermint repels several pests. And like citronella, peppermint is available in several types of products.
  • Eucalyptus – The smell of eucalyptus helps to confuse the mosquitoes, so they don’t land on you.
  • Lavender – Working similar to peppermint and eucalyptus, lavender is not a smell that mosquitoes will come around for.
  • Neem Oil – Dilute it in a spray bottle or dab a tiny amount of oil onto your wrists for a more expensive (but more effective) deterrent.
  • Sage – Add a little sage to your next bonfire for a pleasant aroma that also keeps the mosquitoes away.

Plants to grow in your Northern Virginia garden for extra protection include:

  • Rosemary
  • Lavender
  • Basil
  • Marigolds
  • Floss flowers
  • Mint

There are also some natural products you can use to crush up and pat onto your skin, such as basil leaves and catnip.

DIY – Natural Ways to Keep Mosquitoes Away

Lemongrass for Mosquito Control

Lemongrass Spray Directions: Mix two cups of water with 20-30 drops of lemongrass essential oil in a spray bottle. You can spritz this mixture around the area you will be spending time, along with on your clothing for additional protection.

Lemongrass Plants: Growing lemongrass throughout your property, especially concentrating on areas where mosquitoes breed and feed, can help deter the pests from staying.

Lemongrass for mosquito control

Garlic for Mosquito Control

If you don’t want to eat enough garlic to change the pheromones your body gives off, slice up some garlic cloves and scatter them around the outdoor spaces you will be be around.

Garlic for Mosquito Control

Peppermint for Mosquito Control

The common kinds of peppermint products you’ll find for pest control include:

  • Essential oils
  • Teas
  • Candles
  • Lotions

Peppermint Oil Spray Directions: Combine a small amount of water with two teaspoons of witch hazel and 10 drops of peppermint essential oil to spray on your body and clothing.

Pro tip: This same spray can be made with eucalyptus essential oil instead of or in combination with peppermint. Or bring peppermint, eucalyptus, and lavender oils together and steep some basil leaves for an even stronger, natural repellant.

Peppermint for Mosquito Control

Eucalyptus for Mosquito Control

Whether you don’t like the smell of citronella or don’t have any citronella candles around, you can try eucalyptus candles instead. Or place a small amount of eucalyptus essential oil on your wrists and ankles before going outside (it is skin-safe).

Eucalyptus for Mosquito Control

Lavender for Mosquito Control

Try your hand at growing lavender or take a quicker route and strategically place clusters of lavender around your property like you would with lemongrass.

Lavender for Mosquito Control

As pesky as they can be, there are methods you can take to keep your family and friends bite-free. Of course, if you’re having trouble controlling an infestation or would like to ensure that the job is done right the first time, our friendly team is only a phone call away.