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How to Enhance Your Landscape in McLean

Whether you’re finally making your house feel like home with the finishing outdoor touches or planning to put your property on the market, there are improvements to implement that will strategically bring you a higher ROI. Plus, a well-thought-out design leads to more visually appealing results. A Horticultural Research Institute study shows that having a sophisticated landscape design increases the perceived home value by 4.5%.

Integrating Design Elements into Landscaping

Did you know that there are principles of landscape design? We use them to create unique and beautiful features for homeowners. If done well, the results are a blend of textures, colors, and space that’s both practical and pleasing.

The interconnected elements of landscape design include:

  • Unity – Intentionally attracting and holding attention as a group
  • Line – Adding clear definition to a space and connecting features
  • Form – Arranging plants based on shapes to continue defining a space
  • Texture – Spacing, colors, shading, and the mass effect of light and shadows portrayed
  • Color – Evoking emotion and creating a mood that fits the desired storyline
  • Scale – Creating feelings and promoting an emotional response with the use of space
  • Balance – Finding equilibrium, whether formally or informally, to give a space feeling
  • Simplicity and Variety – Harmonizing these lends further balance
  • Emphasis – Finding domination and subordination within landscaping elements
  • Sequence – Changing the flow of color, texture, and size to create movement

The outside of your home, including your yard, is the first thing visitors and potential buyers see, of course. So, you’ll want to start by trimming any overgrowth and cleaning up debris. Then, consider some of our top tips for bringing your landscape up a level.

Add a Pathway

In the design elements of landscaping, lines are one of the most important components. And they can be as simple as pathways that help guests navigate your property with ease and clear direction. Add a path that goes up to your door, and maybe continues to wrap around throughout any landscaping.

Complement Your House

Find elements that work with the design and architecture of your home so that the landscaping blends seamlessly. For instance, if you have a cozy, cottage-style home, a busier garden and lots of vegetation can bring out the fairytale style, while a modern home would benefit from clean lines and stately trees.

Illuminate the Outdoors

When you’re creating a design, don’t forget to include lighting. Whether you’re highlighting pathways and pools for safety, installing floodlights for security, or enhancing the aesthetics with mood lighting, illumination is a must. It’s a design component that’s both practical and functional, making it a win-win.

Include Low-Maintenance Plants

As you mix and match plant sizes, colors, and durability, don’t forget to consider maintenance. Certain plants are very hardy and survive from season to season, while others require more care. Choosing plants native to McLean rather than exotic ones helps to plan for a long-lasting garden.

Add an Outdoor Kitchen

Becoming more popular over the years, outdoor kitchens offer features like grills, fireplaces, and entertainment spaces. They help families enjoy more time outside and create opportunities for hosting small gatherings to keep connected.

Bring in a Water Feature

While you may not want a pool or something higher maintenance, a smaller waterfall, pond, or fountain might be the perfect solution for increasing property value without creating more responsibility or potential liability.

Maintain Your Lawn

Even the most basic landscaping can pull off a massive effect if it’s done well. Fertilize, water, and mow your grass routinely (but not too much, or you’ll damage it). Prune and trim your shrubs and trees to promote healthy growth and a clean appearance. Consider investing in an irrigation system for consistent, even watering of your vegetation. And don’t hesitate to bring in the professionals if you need help!