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Whether you own a home or run a business, your yard says a lot about you. Keeping that yard looking neat and green requires plenty of work, though—more work than you may have time or resources to do. That’s where The Grounds Guys of Cedar Creek Lake comes in! We provide residential and commercial landscaping in Kemp, Cedar Creek Lake, and the surrounding areas designed to leave your yard healthy and beautiful. From big one-time landscaping projects to scheduled maintenance, our lawn care professionals are trusted throughout the community thanks to the pride and passion we bring to our work.

Creating Your Perfect Yard with Landscaping Services

The term “landscaping” covers a wide variety of services. Just as an architect designs an attractive and functional layout for the interior of your home, our local landscapers can add function and beauty to your yard, as well. Beyond a lush, green lawn and cheerful flower beds, landscaping deals with the health and maintenance of plants, as well as installation and design of stonework, outdoor lighting, and other structured elements.

When talking about landscaping, you will often hear two terms:

  • Softscaping refers to the installation and care of organic or living elements, such as grass, flowers, and shrubs.
  • Hardscaping involves the incorporation of more permanent or structured features, including pavers, pathways, patios, lighting, and more.

Our Cedar Creek Lake landscapers use both softscape and hardscape elements to turn your yard into your personal oasis. In addition to comprehensive landscape design and installation, we also provide plant care and yard maintenance services, such as fertilization, weed control, and irrigation, plus power washing of building exteriors or sidewalks and aquatic maintenance of water features, such as fountains, waterfalls, and ponds.

Reach out today for a free job estimate and find out how The Grounds Guys of Cedar Creek Lake can help turn your residential landscape vision into reality.

Professional Landscaping for Your Business in Kemp, TX

When you choose The Grounds Guys of Cedar Creek Lake to provide your business with commercial landscaping, you’ll enjoy a greenspace design that considers aesthetics and sustainability. Our local landscapers work with you to determine your preferences and company values before creating a landscape that reflects the best possible image to your clients and guests.

We stand out from our competitors in commercial landscaping because we focus on:

  • Water conservation, planning for proper drainage by considering grading and soil type
  • Native plants and vegetation, taking into account species that thrive and decrease pests
  • Sustainability, using methods and designs that are environmentally friendly
  • Customized designs, because we don’t believe in cookie-cutter landscapes

Our team can incorporate hardscape and softscape elements to your landscape design for the perfect merger of beauty and function. Contact us for a consultation to learn more about your commercial landscaping options, including grass, flowers, trees, shrubs, ornamental planters, stonework, water features, pathway lighting, and other elements.

Experienced Cedar Creek Lake Lawn Care

No matter the season, your lawn requires proper care to keep it healthy and thriving. Based on growing cycles and seasonal weather changes, we can prepare and seed your lawn for new growth, fertilize or aerate it for continued health, and clear dead leaves and other debris from your lawn in fall or spring.

Love the look of a lush, green lawn but hate the time and energy it takes to keep it manicured? We also offer precision lawn mowing for businesses or residential customers to keep your yard or greenspace looking clean and tidy all the time.

Landscaping & Lawn Care FAQs

What landscaping zone am I in?

As resident in Kemp,TX, your landscaping or growing zone would be in zone 8. The U.S. Department of Agriculture divides the United States into 11 growing zones based on weather patterns.

How much does yard maintenance cost?

On average, yard maintenance will range between $245-$2,208, depending on the size of the yard and how extensive the maintenance is. Basic maintenance will be on the lower end of the range, while an entire yard makeover will be more expensive.

Is yard maintenance tax deductible?

Yard maintenance is tax deductible if you are a sole proprietor who regularly meets clients in a home office. The deduction is based on what percentage of the home is used for your business. However, the best way to determine whether your lawn care and landscape work is tax deductible is to talk to a tax professional licensed in the state of Texas.

Why Choose The Grounds Guys of Cedar Creek Lake?

Our local Cedar Creek Lake landscapers care about delivering the very best landscaping services to the community. In fact, the CARE acronym sums up our shared company values:

  • Customers first
  • Attitude
  • Respect
  • Enjoy life in the process

We believe it’s our job to listen to your preferences and goals, present a can-do attitude at every turn, respect your time and property, and share the joy we experience from getting to do what we love every day. We know you’ll see the difference that makes in our work.

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