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How to Make Your Lawn Greener and Healthier

If your grass is growing too slowly or becoming discolored, it may need to be fertilized. Fertilizing your lawn supplies it with essential nutrients to help it grow and maintain its vibrant green color. However, proper fertilization of a lawn takes skill and know-how. When fertilizer is applied incorrectly, it can actually damage your lawn. That’s why more and more homeowners are trusting lawn care professionals to handle it for them. The Grounds Guys of League City, Pearland and Friendswood offers residential lawn fertilization services in League City, Texas, and the surrounding areas. Our team can help you ensure that your lawn has all the nourishment that it needs to not only survive but thrive. Learn more about our residential fertilization services.

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What Is Lawn Fertilization?

All living things need nourishment to survive and grow strong. The grass on your lawn is no exception. Fertilizer is a granular or liquid product that supplements the soil with all the elements grass needs to continue to grow. Your soil will need lawn fertilizer services regularly because, over time, those nutrients will be depleted. Rain can wash some nutrients out of the soil, and plant life will absorb the rest of the nutrients eventually. With the right fertilization schedule, you can ensure that your lawn always has the micronutrients it needs to flourish.

Learn About the Fundamental Components of Fertilizer

Our residential lawn fertilizer services aim to maintain a healthy balance of nutrients within your soil. Nearly all fertilizers consist of three ingredients: nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. The ratio of each ingredient may vary depending on the type of fertilizer and the state of your lawn. The Grounds Guys of League City, Pearland and Friendswood will help you choose the best fertilizer for your particular type of grass. However, it can be helpful to understand the role of each of the three main ingredients. Below, you will find a brief description of how each element contributes to the health of your lawn.


Nitrogen is a crucial component of any fertilizer because it is involved in many of the most important parts of a plant’s lifecycle. Nitrogen is part of the molecule chlorophyll, which is what makes plants look green. It also plays an indispensable role in the process of photosynthesis. Even within the roots of a plant, nitrogen is vital, helping regulate the uptake of water and other nutrients.


Phosphorus is responsible for promoting strong, sturdy roots and stems. Without enough phosphorus, grass will lose its vigor and begin to grow much more slowly. Grass that lacks phosphorus may also appear a darker green than usual. Phosphorus also helps with things like photosynthesis, cell division, and energy storage.


If your grass is wilting or dry, it may be lacking potassium. Potassium in fertilizers contributes to a lawn’s drought resistance. It helps plant life become more durable during periods of heat stress and lack of consistent watering. Grass will inevitably face periods of high stress, and potassium is one of the crucial ingredients that helps it endure tough conditions.

The Benefits of Fertilizing Your Lawn

Everyone wants their yard to look lush and green. The right fertilization regimen can help your lawn look more like your favorite baseball field or golf course. However, The Grounds Guys of League City, Pearland and Friendswood’s fertilization services offer many other benefits to your lawn’s overall health, such as drought resistance and weed reduction. If you are wondering if your lawn needs to be fertilized, you should take some time to investigate all these fantastic advantages. Some of the most important benefits of fertilizing your lawn include the following:

  • Controlling weeds
  • Preventing discoloration
  • Strengthening root structure
  • Reducing unwanted plant growth
  • Promoting thicker and healthier grass
  • Improving water retention and durability in stressful conditions

Schedule a Residential Lawn Fertilization Appointment Now!

If you want your lawn to look its best, it will need to be fertilized when it needs an influx of nutrients. For the average homeowner, negotiating the delicate parts of fertilization can be tough. You need to make sure you apply fertilizer evenly and avoid overdoing it. Any mistake in fertilizing can cause unsightly damage to your yard. Luckily, The Grounds Guys of League City, Pearland and Friendswood offers lawn fertilization services near League City. You can trust us to take care of your lawn every step of the way. We will start by meeting with you to answer any questions and explain the lawn fertilizer service costs ahead of time. Contact us today to schedule a residential fertilization service appointment!

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