Residential Lawn Maintenance in League City, TX

We Boost the Beauty of Your Lawn

One of the most important things you can do for your lawn is to ensure it is properly maintained throughout the year. The Grounds Guys of League City, Pearland and Friendswood offer residential lawn maintenance services for League City, TX. Our landscaping professionals have an eye for detail and use innovative equipment to care for your lawn. Your grass and flower beds will look and feel their best. Enjoy your free time, and hand over the lawn maintenance to our professionals. Contact us today to receive a free quote!

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The Importance of Regular Lawn Maintenance

Many homeowners spend hours of their free time working to ensure their lawn looks perfect. Let us take the hard work off your hands with our essential lawn maintenance services. Lawn maintenance is worth every second spent taking care of your landscaping and greenery. We are highly experienced in handling all types of lawn care. Some of the most significant reasons lawn maintenance is beneficial include:

  • Increases curb appeal
  • Helps fight off lawn diseases
  • Helps control pests and weeds
  • Gives your neighborhood a beautiful look
  • Provides a natural air filtration system

Offering Comprehensive Lawn Maintenance Services

The Grounds Guys of League City, Pearland and Friendswood do everything from aerating your lawn to installing sod. We care about the health of your lawn, so we always customize our landscaping and lawn care services for your needs. Some of our many lawn maintenance services include the following:

  • General lawn maintenance – We keep the edges of your grass tidy, mow your lawn, and ensure your property is in tip-top shape.
  • Lawn aeration – Lawn aeration includes placing holes in your soil to increase nutrients that reach the roots. This service can make a significant difference in your turf’s quality.
  • Lawn seeding – Our lawn seeding services start the process towards a lush, green yard.
  • Sod installation – We can install sod for a stunning yard full of green grass.
  • Pruning– Pruning ensures your trees and shrubs are in their best health with a nice trim.
  • Seasonal clean-up – We offer seasonal clean-up services to ensure your lawn is tidy, healthy, and ready for the next season.

Can My Lawn Get Sick?

Yes, your lawn can get a lawn disease. Our landscaping and lawn care experts know the best ways to ensure your lawn is healthy. Regular lawn maintenance helps prevent common lawn diseases from taking over your yard. Some of the common lawn diseases we fight include:

  • Dollar spot
  • Red thread
  • Brown patch
  • Pink snow mold
  • All Root Rot (TARR)

Essential Flower Bed Maintenance

We go beyond expectations with flower bed maintenance options. Flowers offer your yard a boost in beauty and health. Some of our flower bed maintenance services include:

Standard flower bed maintenance – Routine flower bed maintenance offers a professional touch of beauty for your property. We help keep your blooms gorgeous and healthy.

Mulching – We place mulch in your flower beds to help eliminate weeds and boost curb appeal. Mulching contains moisture that ensures water reaches the roots of your plants.

Get an Estimate on Residential Lawn Maintenance

The Grounds Guys of League City, Pearland and Friendswood understand the best ways to approach your lawn. We know every lawn is unique, so we always customize our lawn maintenance services for you. We’ll keep your property beautiful and thriving throughout the year. Our team always offers honest pricing on our landscaping services. We back our work with a guarantee the job will get done right. Contact us today for a free estimate on our residential lawn maintenance services.

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